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How To Have The Most Spectacular Orgasm Of Your Life

A full-body explosion of life-giving red fireworks radiating out like an aura of energy.

Having a regular Expanded Orgasm practice with Tim has made me an incredible comer. My capacity for orgasm is almost unbelievable. Last year when I got the Orgasm Shot it made me feel like I was 35 again with orgasmic clitoral sensitivity. And now I just hit a new level of orgasmic brilliance by doing two new things for more energy…

Raymond wrote asking for a discount on our Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program. I obliged and gave him two new secret ingredients to the best orgasms of my life…

Dear Susan,

The Expand Her Orgasm Tonight Course costs $297, this is very much for me. Is there a way to get it cheaper?

Many thanks,

Watch Susan and Tim Explain Their Expanded Orgasm Practice ⇐ Video

Hi Raymond, Yes. We have Expand Her Orgasm Tonight on sale sometimes for $97. Here is a four-day special purchase link:

Special Offer ⇒ Expand Her Orgasm Tonight

Let me know how it goes! Tim and I have been doing this practice for 14 years. Just two days ago I had probably the single best orgasm of my life.

This orgasm felt like a full-body explosion of life-giving red fireworks radiating out like an aura of energy.

I’ve been taking NAD and using my red light therapy. I think the NAD allowed my mitochondria to fire harder and all the photon cascades from the red light therapy added to the energy.

Here are three links for you:

TruNiagen NAD+ Supplement

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Expand Her Orgasm Tonight Special

What you can do is give your woman a deliberate orgasm aka DO Date by the red light. Keep it pretty far away —a couple feet —or limit the amount of time you’re bathing in it. Red Light Therapy is effective and you can over do it.

NAD is coenzyme a form of vitamin B3 called Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+. It helps you convert food to energy, makes your cells more resistant to stress, helps repair your DNA and keep your telomeres from shortening, and probably best of all, helps you maintain healthy sleep cycles.

This particular brand, TruNiagen has the most clinical trials of any nicotinamide supplement and it backed by big names and companies.

Since I started taking it I feel more energy.

And the Red Light Therapy increases energy levels by feeding your mitochondria —the batteries in our cells —with light energy. Red light fuels our cells.

For anyone with inflammation, or to speed healing or muscle recovery from working out, difficulties sleeping and even for fighting aging, tightening skin tone and especially for optimizing brain function, red light therapy has many extraordinary benefits.

The Red Rush 360 is easy to set up anywhere. I sit in bed and shine light while I work. And we make love by the beautiful light.

Having an Expanded Orgasm practice with your partner will open up entirely new levels of sexual pleasure for you two.

I’m so glad you asked!

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