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Lingam Massage

Start with gentle pressure above and below his penis… It’s similar to the way a woman likes to have her vulva “cupped.” Learn all about the lingam massage.

If you’re a woman, your man will LOVE you when you know these techniques. And if you’re a guy, show this video to your lover. They’ll appreciate you for it.

There is something exquisite about manually stimulating a man (aka giving a “hand job”). I suppose it’s the feeling of pleasure that comes with hearing him moan and watching him turn into putty in your hands. Rock hard putty that is.

But there’s more to a beautiful lingam massage than a solid erection. The erection isn’t the main event… if you know my secret of “laying in a base.”

That manhandling intelligence is what you’ll get in this video with sacred sexuality expert Amara Charles and me.

Best Practices For Lingam Massage ⇐ Watch NOW (Two women who KNOW)


It’s one thing to get a man off so he can get some sleep. But this is another thing altogether. A “wild thang,” if you know what I mean… and one he won’t soon forget.

Did you know you can strengthen a man’s sexual health with lingam massage? An intense ejaculation is a sign of excellent sexual health. But the average, ho-hum hand job can do the opposite by training him to ejaculate prematurely.

Learn how to turn a ho-hum hand job into a sexual superpower!

Watch This Video ⇐ Lingam Massage Techniques 

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lingam massage

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