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4 Seduction Keys

How to keep the sexy alive in your relationship by using this “Seduction With Integrity” technique… scroll down.

Seduce and allure your lover with integrity using the 4 keys of seduction.

Tim and I got our start providing online programs teaching passion and intimacy techniques after rekindling our own sex life.

That was over 12 years ago now. And early on, we had a focus helping married men rekindle the passion with their wives after the strain of kids and jobs ripped their intimacy asunder.

Because those were the issues we went through and solved, we wanted to share our secrets with people.

I realized that men needed a way to “seduce” their partner in a non-manipulative way. And the “same night lay” pick-up kind of seduction available for single men was going to be too difficult to “translate” into a marital dynamic.


That’s why I asked my darling mentor Dr. Patti Taylor to create a seduction model anyone could use — whether in a relationship or wanting to be in one —that would attract and allure a lover without being devious in any way.

And what Dr. Patti created is to this day simply the most effective seduction model to move a person toward more pleasure and connection. And I review ALL the seduction programs on the market year after year.

After nearly a decade of offering our expanded lovemaking advice to anyone of any sexual persuasion, The 4 Keys to Seduction that Dr. Patti created for Personal Life Media has stood the test of time.

Thousands of couples use this model now to intensify their passion.


What’s best about this model is that it’s win-win and it works not just on current or prospective lovers.

The 4 Keys to Seduction works on bosses, co-workers, family and friends.

Why? Because this is a model that moves a person toward more pleasure. And who doesn’t want a little more of that?


This clever model uses a super sweet and simple-to-use formula to leverage the human mind to work to maximize advantage.

So let’s start with the big picture of seduction and first understand how the keys work together.

These are the four keys to being a master seducer:

  1. Erotic Vigilance
  2. Small Offers
  3. Vulnerability
  4. Sexual Vision

They work like the four legs of a chair— all together and in unison to support you.


There is also a whole section on how you train your lover sexually… whether you actively give your partner feedback and make requests or you are shy, inexperienced or uncomfortable talking about your desires.


In a nutshell, you will begin to notice where your partner is at emotionally and be able to give them multiple choice ideas that are just the right size to match their current mood while giving them sexual offers that are just hot enough for them to get turned on and start up the arousal ladder.

These offers are such that your partner will want at least ONE of them. In this way, you won’t get rejected for making the offer.

You will understand how to bring your own desire into the offer without any shame so that you two can feel really good about escalating your arousal.

And you will understand how to keep offering up new options to accelerate your sexual union in a smooth, fun flow that results in the best sex you ever had together… and you’ll do this over and over in a repeatable model.

The Seduction Trilogy ⇐ Keys To Seduction Are Now Yours

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