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How To Create A Sexual Soulmate Connection

How To Create A Sexual Soulmate Connection

From inside this video series…

“I LOVE Susan Bratton. I looove the part in the video about the animal inside of me… Where it is not about the man’s performance. It’s about what my inner animal wants and the ability to communicate it. I have often felt like it was unacceptable as a woman to express that animalistic side in the bedroom… aka that it made look like a “Bad Girl.” I come from a formal upbringing.

Loved the “No manners in the bedroom, no egos” in the bedroom.

I LOOOOVED how she gave me permission to give direction in the bedroom but then also let the man dominate. I am definitely getting her book. I can see myself using this book as sex education prior to getting married.” —Attendee of the Source Your Soulmate Summit

Hello Cutie!

Hope you are awesome today.

I have a short, sweet, six-video series on sexual soulmates for you today.

All my BEST material from a decade of helping lovers experience more passion together is packed into these short videos.



The six essentials are:

1) The Power of Presence
2) Creating “Loverspace”
3) The Sexual Soulmate Pact
4) Polarity
5) Embodied Sex
6) Erotic Playdates

You can use these simple essentials in a one-night stand and for the rest of your life.

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Tim and Susan Bratton, happily married for 25 years 

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