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How To Make Love To A Woman

36 Step-by-Step Instructions

I think this might be one of the funniest-but-true videos I’ve ever made for you.

Yes, there are 36 steps for men to follow. Whereas there are only 10 steps when I explain how to make love to a man.

That’s the difference between testosterone-dominant goal-oriented men and estrogen-driven multi-tasking women!

Loosely follow these steps to thoroughly satisfy your lover: (please comment below the video with your best technique!)

How To Make Love To A Man vs A Woman    ⇐ Watch Now


Please comment below this video and share something YOU do sexually when making love to a woman that I didn’t include. Or something you really like that I forgot to mention if you’re a woman.

Inquiring minds want to know YOUR sex secrets.

Do share!

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