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Date Your Sexual Soulmate

How to tell if he has sexual soulmate potential.

I am a guest on a free dating summit: The Art of Dating Smart: The Essential Keys Conscious, Successful Women Need To Know To Meet Their Soul Mate & Create An Extraordinary Relationship.

My segment is titled: Date Your Sexual Soulmate.

And in it, Christine Campbell and I discuss:

1) What is a “sexual soulmate?”
2) How can you tell if a guy has potential to be a sexual soulmate?
3) How do you keep yourself safe from STI’s?
4) Agreements and boundaries are vital. I explain.

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Christine’s not only an accomplished and amazing love coach, she’s also a true love success story.

After feeling frustrated and fed up with her inability to find love, Christine shifted from wishing, hoping, and praying for love to deciding it was time.

Within 6 weeks, she met her husband.

Within 3 months, they were engaged.

Today, they’re happily married and madly in love with their extraordinary life together.

I want that for you, if you want it too.

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