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Is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy For You?

Your hormones play a vital role in your health, mental capacity, and daily functioning as well as your libido.

With today’s toxic environment, processed food supplies and  that’s why I’ve been doing this video series about our hormones.

And guess what, I have two new videos for you.

In this short video, I talk with Dr. Glenn Wilcox about the benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Learn about:

  • Why you might want to replace your hormones. (:34)
  • Problems associated with decreasing hormone production. (:55)
  • What may be causing a decline in your sex drive.
  • How HRT can make you feel more frisky. (1:00)
  • Why you may be losing lean muscle mass. (1:18)
  • The impact hormones have on overall well-being and that “go get ‘em” attitude. (1:41)
  • How testosterone can impact skin elasticity. (2:07)
  • The psychological effects of low sex hormone levels. (2:45)
  • Sex hormones and depression. (3:07)
  • Sex hormones and sleep. (3:31)
  • Why you should not take estrogen orally. (4:20)
  • The best way to take estrogen. (4:33)
  • Why it’s better to take hormones trans-mucosally rather than trans-dermally. (5:31)

<< Watch The Video with Dr. Glenn Wilcox >> 

If your doctor is measuring bound and total estrogen, but isn’t testing your free estrogen, you MUST watch this video.

Most doctors don’t test enough before prescribing hormone replacement therapy. Find out what tests to ask for when you see your doctor.

In this fourth information-packed video, you’ll discover:

  • The wise approach to HRT. (3:00)
  • The truth about blood work. (3:30)
  • How to get a 24-hour video of hormone production rather than a snapshot. (4:30)
  • What you can’t get from a blood test that is crucial for HRT decisions. (4:37)
  • What you need to know about estrogen metabolites to prevent cancer. (4:47)
  • The test most doctors don’t do that tells you if HRT is carcinogenic… Or not! (5:35)
  • The three kinds of estrogen and how to find out what’s really lacking. (5:38)
  • The most important follow-up once you’re on HRT. (6:00)
  • The “gold standard” of hormone level tests. (6:30)
  • Dr. Glen’s Guiding Principle in HRT. (7:08)

<< Watch The Video Here >>

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2 Responses

  1. I could not get your 3 free gifts as you explained. I do not know why?
    For me does this Bio Replacement cause cancer, heart problems or blood clots?
    Thank you.

    1. Send an email to [email protected] and they will make sure you get the free gifts you want. I am not sure which you saw that you want, but you can have them all.
      Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy does not cause any of these issues, it prevents them. See a functional medicine doctor, a hormone doctor or a doctor of oriental medicine in your area for the hormone tests and the prescriptions.

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