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Sexual Healing Story

Sexual Healing Video ⇐ How To Overcome Shame And Trauma

Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.


There’s catharsis and healing in great sex.

When man and woman are intertwined, lost in each other’s love, lust, and passion…  it helps them heal from hurt, anger, pain, stress, sadness, depression and more.

However, what if your trauma is BLOCKING you from experiencing phenomenal sex?

Here’s an email I got from a reader about his inability to achieve nirvana-esque levels of lovemaking because of his past experiences.


“Dear Susan,

I’m a fan of yours. I’m a man who has a great deal of fear, guilt and shame when it comes to sex. I can’t enjoy and lose myself to the experience. Do you have anything that can help me?”

— Tyrone (not his real name)


Dearest Tyrone,

You’re not alone. And I can help.

Watch this video where Jim Benson and I talk about sexual healing.

Sexual Healing Video ⇐ Jim And I Share Our Personal Stories Of Shame And Trauma

We all have some form of fear, guilt, and most especially shame when it comes to sex.

Even the most confident lovers have something buried inside they’ve either learned to make peace with or hidden in fear of being exposed.

Just because we’re sex experts and educators doesn’t mean we’ve always had it together.

In fact, our personal traumas are what strengthened and motivated us to ensure that men and women all over the world heal from their own sexual issues and achieve the amazing sex that is our human birthright.

In this video, I shared for the first time the cause of my own personal sexual shame, and how I turned it into my strength which I used  to reach out and help other people.

Watch This Video ⇐ Jim and Suz Share Their Personal Stories Of Shame And Trauma

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