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How To Use ENGORGEMENT For Intense Penetration Orgasms

For screaming orgasms during penis-in-vagina sex.

“I had no idea a woman could also get a hard-on! Now, I can see it happening, and when her lips start to turn color and her clitoris swells up, my turn on goes through the roof!” – Danny P.

How are you today, my love? Great I hope.

I’ve been getting five to ten emails a day like this one from Danny since I released my video trilogy on mastering female orgasm so a woman can climax during intercourse. Yes!

Penetration orgasms are THE BEST. Few things make a woman feel more womanly, more loved, more cherished by her man…

This experience is so rare and so special, women who are with a guy who “can deliver” feel incredibly fortunate to have a lover who can give her that much pleasure.

If you missed either of the first two videos in this 3-part series, you definitely want to watch them now:

Give Her Orgasms DURING Intercourse! ← Click here and learn how


If you saw the previous videos, you already understand the importance of Context and Variety… two of her must-haves for screaming orgasms during penis-in-vagina sex.

Now, we’re going to talk about Engorgement. You absolutely need this information to understand what it takes for a woman to climax solely from having her lover inside her, without an assist from her fingers or vibrator!

What few men understand, and many women don’t know, is this: female genitalia and male genitalia have more in common than you think. In fact, both men and women have “erectile tissue” that is specifically designed to increase their pleasure during sex!

It’s obvious when a man is engorged, his penis fills up with blood and gets so hard, Mr. Happy is impossible to miss!

But it’s easy to miss the female equivalent, Mrs. Happy. Why? Because most people don’t know what to look for and aren’t even aware that a woman’s clitoris gets an erection!

Here’s what I most want you to know: A woman’s entire genital area can become engorged and, in fact, needs to become engorged for her to have a truly satisfying orgasm or multiple orgasms.

Think about it. You wouldn’t expect a man to be “ready for action” if his penis isn’t erect, right? The same is true for a woman. Her genitals need to swell and get fully engorged in order to do what they are designed to do: send her over that delicious climactic edge of pure pleasure.

Give Her A Clitoral Erection ← Click here and find out how!


You see, her entire vulva—her labia (big lips and little ones), her clitoris, her vaginal opening, even her anus—contain erectile tissue. And that’s just her external genitals, the lady bits you can see.

What you can’t see, but will definitely be able to feel once you watch the female anatomy lesson I give in this video, is that a woman has more erectile tissue up inside of her than a man has in his entire penis.

You are going to love this information.

What man would try to have sex without a hard-on? Then why do we expect a woman to have sex when she isn’t physically ready?

No wonder women have to sit on the sidelines while men enjoy orgasms from intercourse 95% of the time they make love. Women only orgasm from penetration alone 55% of the time they make love, and that’s if they’re one of the lucky women who can orgasm from intercourse at all!

This disparity, called the “Orgasm Gap” is actually quite easy to bridge when you watch these videos and learn the 3 keys that will make her come faster and harder than ever before.

Give her penetration orgasms ← Watch the video series now!

If you’re a woman, this could be the most important video series you will ever watch. No more faking it so he won’t feel bad. No more struggling to have one little orgasm that barely takes the edge off.

More and better orgasms ← Don’t miss out! Watch now!

I didn’t have an orgasm from penetration until I was 45 years old. What I’m teaching you in these videos is how I bridged The Orgasm Gap.

Vaginal Orgasms ← The Three Steps To Penis-In-Vagina Orgasms

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