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NEW! 7th Sense Touch Technique

You lightly brush your fingers across the back of your partner’s neck. They sigh as you melt into each other’s arms. A flurry of positive emotions comes up as you fall deeper and deeper into each other’s loving warmth… your arms intertwine as you flow effortlessly into hours of romance.

“Touch Techniques are counted in the ‘Top 5 Most Desired Partner Skills’ by both men and women according to my newest survey.”

Our bodies have cells that are called proprioceptive cells. Proprioception is one of your senses like touch, taste, and smell. Consider it your 7th sense.


These cells on the outside of your skin allow you to know where your body is in space. Figure skaters, dart players, and gymnasts all frequently leverage their proprioception sense.  And it’s what keeps us from falling!

When you stroke these cells, you activate a person’s sense of feeling all over their body.

When you stroke their body all over, you spread the pleasure energy.

One of my favorite ways to spark chemistry in relationships is to “touch” my partner all over their body with smooth, long strokes to awaken their “sensual grid.”

Some of the hottest spots that elicit feelings of connection when touched are bare to the public every day.


A gentle stroke with the back of your finger across your lover’s face… A smoothing of their hair… A firm hand on the back of their neck as you hold them close…

Wrapping your arms around your partner and stroking the small of their back…

Circling their wrists with your fingers and squeezing gently…

Holding their hand and pumping it with slight squeezes…

Those last two are even Taoist energy practices!


Even better, teach your partner how to touch you. Everyone likes different touch styles and places to be touched. People have touch preferences.

Slowly escalate their pleasure by starting at the extremities… head, hands, feet, arms, legs… before moving inward.

Every time you learn new bedroom skills, your sex life improves.

Though you may have only been introduced to me recently, I’ve been a trusted relationship advisor to millions of people worldwide for over a decade.

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With over 200 intimacy techniques, there are entire sections of the videos devoted to touch techniques.  And according to a recent survey I did, Touch Techniques are counted in the Top 5 Most Desired Partner Skills by both men and women.

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I appreciate your trust in me. Email me anytime with questions.

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Here’s a little bonus technique… See how much there is to know?

The “Two-Option Leading” Technique:

You can create a touch portfolio. Some lovers like long slow, sensual touches. Other lovers enjoy faster, shorter, more rapid strokes.

It’s enjoyable to use a technique I call “Two-Option Leading.” In Two-Option Leading, instead of touching a person by saying, “Do you like this?” “Does this feel good?”

Say this instead: “Do you like this (and do a stroke) or this (and do a different stroke). Find out what your lover prefers in this lovemaking session.

Instead of asking for feedback on one type of touch, you offer the choice because you don’t want your lover THINKING; you want them to feel. Making a choice requires less thought. Keep your lover in their body and out of their mind with pleasure!

Caution: Just because your partner liked a specific stroke over another at that moment doesn’t mean you should only use the preferred touch forever…

That’s just the stroke they like TODAY.

Every day is a new day, especially for women.

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Keep trying “Two-Option Leading,” which is just giving your partner two choices, so you begin to get a wide range of touches they particularly enjoy.

Steamy Sex Ed Ear­ly Noti­fi­ca­tion ⇐ Expe­ri­ence Incred­i­bly Hot Pas­sion. Get On The VIP List (Heart-con­nect­ed, sen­su­al, pas­sion­ate love­mak­ing videos)

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Steamy Sex Ed Ear­ly Noti­fi­ca­tion ⇐ Expe­ri­ence Incred­i­bly Hot Pas­sion. Get On The VIP List (Heart-con­nect­ed, sen­su­al, pas­sion­ate love­mak­ing videos)

2 Responses

  1. thanks a lot for the great article.. I am going to implement this touching techniques in my foreplay.

  2. C’est si bon Susan! You have engaged my recall of Proprioception which I covered in the Anatomy & Physiology programme I taught to young nurses for their the Andrew’s University/Loma Linda System.I have no doubts about your presents, they are indeed exceptional, but I reside on an island which still lingers in Plantation Bible Culture geared to procreation without pleasuring.It They have remained very much in the mode of basic ‘animal’ coitus with virtually no knowledge of Tantra, or the Kundalini.

    My prospective clients in Jamaica are therefore scanty and I am no longer at the prestigious Sheraton Hotel Health Club in Ocho Rios where American Guests would patronise my therapy.

    It would be marvellous if we could collaborate in Counsellin Practice by your directing your citizens to my Practice where your methods and audio-visuals would have pride of place.Do keep up the good work in Sex Education; even school teachers shy away from this.

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