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How To Increase Your Sexual Energy And Confidence

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I love it.” “How do I get a copy?,” said the hottest girl in my yoga class.

A passionate relationship that lasts the test of time and life requires not just patience, understanding, sacrifice, and love…

But also some honest-to-goodness, heart-connected, deeply-intimate lovemaking.

There’s no denying it. It’s the truth.

And without a variety of ways to give each other passionate love, this highly-important foundation of your relationship won’t reach its full potential.

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I was fascinated watching the widely different reactions of three women in my yoga class.

I showed them the brand new “sizzle reel” (like a movie trailer) of my Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection.

One girl got all flustered and had to turn away and fiddle with the water cooler.

The other lady—she was a little older—did a moonwalk backward and said, “I don’t like to see other people having sex!”

The third woman—the one that always has the cutest yoga outfits on—just watched the other two and then turned to me and said,

“I love it.” “How do I get a copy?”

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“I really like how the couples look each other in the eyes and how romantic it is when they demonstrate the techniques,” said the open-minded woman.

Then the older lady chimed in, “I like the sets. The candles and silks are pretty.” “Usually you don’t see that in sex movies.”

Then all three started talking about how authentic the couples were..

How much their guys would love it if they’d watch with them…

It would really add some spice to their lovemaking…


As soon as ONE woman said it was great, the others felt better admitting they were turned on by the idea of watching lovemaking and sexy sex education videos in the privacy of their own home.

There’s a cultural peer pressure we women put on each other that tamps down our sensuality in “polite society.”

But if you want to increase your sensual energy, watch my videos to improve your self-confidence asap!

What’s great is that Steamy Sex Ed® (I originally made it for husbands to give to their wives as a keep-the-marriage-hot present) gets delivered to your door in a plain unmarked envelope.

Shhh… It’s going to be our little secret.

Nobody would EVER know that there are over 200 unique sex techniques that will make you the most erotic, sensual lover your man has ever… and will ever have!

You know here’s ANOTHER secret I learned from working with men over the years.

They almost always have a Fantasy Woman in their heads. But don’t worry. He’s not planning on cheating on you. It’s just his “Perfect Lover” imagination.

BUT… if you know how to spark sexy passion in him, YOU will become his perfect fantasy lover.

Because that’s what men want in a woman.

Someone to get him excited.

So he can’t wait to lick you all over.

So his heart is pounding because he’s so thrilled he can finally do all those sex moves he’s been dying to try with you.

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I’m only printing 200 for this FLASH SALE because the inventory carrying costs are high.

And each time I put them on sale for 60% off, I sell totally and completely out… often before the sale is even over.

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There’s this one star in the videos who looks like Prince Charming. Seriously, he could be on the cover of any romance novel! The casting is awesome and so much fun to watch.

With 8 Videos, there are hours of pleasurable watching.

Actually, with so many techniques you’ve NEVER seen, there are YEARS of arousing viewing ahead of you.

If you have a guy, you can teach him some new tricks (sex can get boring after a while).

If you are waiting for the right guy, baby, you’ll be READY for him now!

Knowing how to give a man this much pleasure is a significant competitive advantage in getting the BEST boyfriend.

So don’t worry about those uptight chicks…

It’s your private life.

Get a plain envelope delivered to your door with a pandora’s box of pleasure ideas.

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“I recommend Steamy Sex Ed® because this is a good program for women, even single women, to teach their lover “connected love making.” These videos are very sensual, educational, and don’t feel at all like pornography.”

2 Responses

  1. My partner and I are in our sixties, both in good shape, and he is more skilled in the bedroom than me so I would like to step up my efforts. My concern about purchasing the videos is that I am somewhat insecure about an aging body, especially when my partner, along with most older and younger men are used to looking at pornography of younger women. I was previously married for 24 years and my husband looked at a lot of porn of young women and that is where his attraction got fixated. He is now with a woman our son’s age. I guess I am wondering that even if I watch these videos alone, will they trigger more insecurities while I am looking at young, gorgeous women. Thank you.

    1. Hi BJ,
      Trust that your partner is with you and thinks you are sexy. Don’t squander your sexuality being hung up on porn and advertising’s agenda of perfection.
      Yes, some men do like younger women. But not all. And it’s not fair to penalize yourself or your current partner based on stuff from your ex.
      When you’re in your fifties and onward, you just let go of worry about imperfections and start appreciating that you are healthy and able to even have sex. Glass half full, girlfriend. It ain’t getting any prettier. But you can definitely get better in bed and feel more confident.
      Just let go. Let it all hang out. Screw how you look. Allow yourself to be loved for exactly who you are… a sexy, desirable sixty something.
      If you watch Steamy Sex Ed you will see that all of these women have their own body “things.” They fade away when you see the joy and pleasure in their faces.
      Give it a try, girl. You can send them back but I can tell you, hardly anybody does!

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