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Your Opinion On ‘Sexual Soulmates’ Book Requested

Your Opinion On ‘Sexual Soulmates’ Book Requested

Please comment with one sentence.

Requesting your quick help.

I need your opinion!

How did you like the free ebook, Sexual Soulmates that I gave you?

Click Here To Download Your Copy of Sexual Soulmates


If so, can you please do me an easy and HUGE favor?

Will you comment to this post with a sentence or two describing your favorite aspect of the book?

Tell Me:

✔️ Did you like one of the six essentials of connected sex best?

✔️Was there an “aha!” moment in the book?

✔️Did you feel more empowered to have more passionate sex?

✔️Did you have the best sex session of your life using one of the techniques?

Please comment to this post with your experience!

I’ll be eternally appreciative.

This June I’m launching my second edition of Sexual Soulmates, replete with stories of people who’ve applied the six essential of connected sex.

Your comment will be used as a “testimonial” in the book and marketing materials.

I’m hoping to drive the book to be my first Amazon best-seller.


If you comment to this post with a sentence or two describing your favorite aspect of Sexual Soulmates I will give you the second edition FREE.


“The Soulmate Pact technique allowed us to be honest about our desires with each other.” — John, Alberta, CN


“Now I know how to start a sex life off the right way when I find my soulmate!” — Anna G, Miami.


“This was the missing ingredient in our marriage. You’ve rekindled our passion.” — Stan and Laura, Austin, TX

Thank you so much for helping me bring these passionate techniques to more people.


  1. What kind of things can you do to have more fun in bed with your partner?

  2. I started to enjoy those moments better and feel relly connected each other. Just great!!

  3. Well, Susan did it again…. A perfect guide on creating a sexual soulmate…. me and my wife have enjoyed it ever since we read, decided to try, and became even closer than ever!

  4. Since I am single with no girlfriend, I read it for idea’s in the future when I do have a girlfriend.

  5. I discovered sexual soulmates aren’t found, they are made,

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