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Your Opinion On ‘Sexual Soulmates’ Book Requested

Please comment with one sentence.

Requesting your quick help.

I need your opinion!

Have you read my book, Sexual Soulmates… and if so, how did you like it?

Sexual Soulmates Susan Bratton


Can you please do me an easy and HUGE favor?

Will you comment to this post with a sentence or two describing your favorite aspect of the book?

Tell Me:

✔ Did you like one of the six essentials of connected sex best?

✔Was there an “aha!” moment in the book?

✔Did you feel more empowered to have more passionate sex?

✔Did you have the best sex session of your life using one of the techniques?

Please comment to this post with your experience!

I’ll be eternally appreciative.

When I update the book in the next edition of Sexual Soulmates, your comment will be used as a “testimonial” in the book and marketing materials.



“The Soulmate Pact technique allowed us to be honest about our desires with each other.” — John, Alberta, CN


“Now I know how to start a sex life off the right way when I find my soulmate!” — Anna G, Miami.


“This was the missing ingredient in our marriage. You’ve rekindled our passion.” — Stan and Laura, Austin, TX

Thank you so much for helping me bring these passionate techniques to more people.

16 Responses

  1. I hope I don’t mess up I’m typing this blindly as I cannot see anything because the ink is too light. I don’t agree about soul mates as there is nomeone out there that completes me, and I married her! But the sexual partner is made I agree. I did enjoy the book greatly and can see to a degree where I did wrong but I blame a lot of on the war and the way we were treated. I would love to talk to you if ever I could. Eyes hurting from straining.

  2. I see you were planning to re-release this e-book in June so I believe I’ve missed the dead line for helpful feedback 🙁 sorry about that!!! Life got stressful there for a bit. Thank you for the read! Leanne

  3. Thank you for this opportunity Susan! I will be embarking on the read this evening…so stay tuned for my comment! 🙂 xo

  4. Have been using ‘sex dates’ for a while but not realizing it would form part of your recommendation. Will now shift focus on trying new things…. thanks for suggestions

    1. Excellent. Yes, scheduled erotic playdates where you begin as beginners together is a marvelous way to keep sex getting better and keep the spark alive and burning bright. Our Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program has 21 Sandbox Dates that you can do in any order that the mood strikes. Dr. Patti Taylor gives you one fun thing to do on each date that builds into a foundation of skills that expand your orgasmic pleasure.

  5. Well, Susan did it again…. A perfect guide on creating a sexual soulmate…. me and my wife have enjoyed it ever since we read, decided to try, and became even closer than ever!

    1. Carry,
      I’m so glad you are feeling more connected together after reading my newest book, Sexual Soulmates.

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