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How To Lavish Her Breasts With Affection

According to Psychology Today, touching and foreplay is linked to better sexual health in older adults. Discover her most sensitive hotspots and add these sizzling touch techniques to your repertoire.

Have you touched your lover today?

Kiss her…

Stroke her cheek…

Hug her from behind…

Peck her softly at the back of her neck…

Then touch her most tingling and titillating hotspots using these discreet touch techniques to turn her arousal levels WAY UP!

You’re going to like this email from a guy in Australia who has erotic lovemaking with his wife… and they are in their seventies!


“Hi Susan,

I liked reading your Passion Patch report as it confirmed that what my partner and I have been doing more or less since we met is the key to success. I am nearly 72 and my partner is 68, yet our lovemaking is way better than anything I experienced in my twenties.

Every woman has her own erogenous hotspots. I usually start by gently massaging my partner’s neck/shoulder at the point where her bra strap would be if she had one on.

After a while she will begin to move about with the same frequency as my massaging. Then some kissing of the eyebrows, neck, earlobes and each individual lip will start some serious cuddling.

My partner keeps herself fit and trim, but has the most magnificent breasts that would put most 40-year-olds to shame. I lavish them with much affection. I then find that switching the massage to the hip joint will cause her to begin writhing like a snake. Now is the time to start slowly tracing my fingernails, (very short and smooth), all the way down the back or front to her thighs and watch carefully as I cross the tummy to see if she sucks it in. If she does, I can be sure she will already be very wet. We never use or need any lubricants.

It usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to get to this stage. After that, anything goes and usually does for another one to two and a half hours. If we have a particularly long session at night, it often leads to a repeat performance the next morning.

The secret seems to be when you can read and sense every slight movement of your partner’s body and react to it so as to maximize the pleasure you give each other.

Life doesn’t get any better than this!

Keep up the good work.

– Peter (not his real name).
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA”


When you know where her Passion Patch is, you can turn her on wherever… whenever.

Even just tickling and touching her lust-juice-triggering hotspots can be subtle, under-the-radar foreplay that turns her on and makes her want to do it in the bed… on the couch… down to the living room… in the car…

Practically anywhere!

And honey, the best part about this is… nobody else has to know!

You can touch her hotspots when you’re at the mall, in a coffee shop, at the dining table during your neighbor’s dinner party…

And she’ll go absolutely crazy as her arousal levels shoot through the roof because she can’t let herself go in a public place.

She has to contain herself until she has you somewhere private…

So she can ravage you all for herself.

You’re gonna love it… and she’s gonna love it too!

Susan “Titillating Touch” Bratton
CEO, Personal Life Media

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