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Ukulele Sing-Along With Lynn Rose And Bob Doyle – Keeping The Passion Alive

Ukulele Sing-Along With Lynn Rose And Bob Doyle – Keeping The Passion Alive

You recently visited one of our romantic websites and we are in the middle of a sale on one of other our most popular offerings…

BUT it is a video collection about how to have more passionate intimate relationships and I need to know one thing from you.

Are you interested in information about the physical intimacy part of your relationship? 

If so, please go watch this song with Lynn Rose, motivational singer and her boyfriend, Bob Doyle, celebrity from, “The Secret” and their wonder dog, Cody.

“Overcome with passion with your toes all curled.” <=== Ukulele Sing-along with Lynn and Bob

When you click this link you can watch all 7 hours of our Steamy Variety Show or just click the video play button and fast forward to 29 minutes in to watch Bob, Lynn and Cody the Wonderdog’s special song.

Lynn and Bob have been dating for 3 years. They are in their 40’s and this is an exciting new love affair for them.

But Bob is a southern gentleman who says, “I would fall into the sorta uptight category when talking about sex.”

So they watched our Steamy Sex Ed program which had immediate and positive impact in their relationship.

Lynn who said that at one point she was shaking and trembling while watching, has always wished there was something like Steamy.

She called it “sacred” and said it helped, “Unleash them to completely connect from a soul source.”

Go now and watch this Steamy Variety Show.

When you scroll down you can see the times for each segment and fast forward to watch what you want.

“Overcome with passion with your toes all curled.” <=== Ukulele Sing-along with Lynn and Bob

We just did this live event on Saturday in Las Vegas, so go ahead and watch as many of the segments as you’d like. There is amazing information all throughout, as well as some very spicy and silly content.

Steamy Variety Show <== Watch Now From The Beginning

There are 9 different segments — enjoy as many as you’d like. Each is full of valuable advice about how to have more intimacy and passion in your relationship.

steamy timeline

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