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Making Your Ultimate Sexual Bucket List

How to make your bucket list.

Do you have a sexual bucket list?

Perhaps the last time you thought about the sexual experiences you’d like to have was in your youth, when sex was all fresh and new to you?

The benefit of having a sexual bucket list is that it keeps you vibrant.

That desire is fuel for your creativity and zest for life.

Think of your bucket list as, “the thrill of the hunt.”

The best way to create your bucket list is simple: (scroll down)


You have to know what you want.

Some people think about sex positions they want to try.

Others focus more on the places they’d like to have sex.

While some lists are full of the names of people they’d like to have sex with.

Whatever is on your list is exactly right for you.

And the more you can expand your sexual bucket list, the more your sexuality will keep fueling your zest for life.

As you check things off your list, you’ll add more new ideas. That’s what keeps you zesty.


I remember that my sex life had flatlined.

I didn’t have a sexual bucket list because I didn’t even know what was available to me.

The best way to cultivate you list is to expose yourself to some beautiful, sex-positive, heart-centered lovemaking possibilities.

Seeing other people make love in ways that are conscious and connected can give you ideas for your list.

That’s one of the reasons I created the Steamy Sex Ed DVD Collection. <=== Watch The Video Trailers

Yes, it definitely teaches you over 200 techniques… but Steamy goes further…

Steamy Sex Ed illustrates how many ways couples can explode their pleasure together.

From rolling to one position from the next in fluid bonding, two bodies becoming one….

To putting your partner in an expanded state of orgasmic bliss from your touch….

There are hundreds of ideas for your bucket list consideration.

So if you want to jumpstart your vitality, Steamy Sex Ed will get your blood flowing, your heart pumping and your mouth watering…

Not to mention your genitals juicy!

Steamy Sex Ed Video Series <=== Your Sexual Possibilities Are Endless


Note: If you don’t currently have a partner, it’s just as important to be sexually educated and know what you want in your sex life.

That way, when you get a partner, you’ll be able to clearly communicate your desires and share your fantasies with them.

Watch the videos, make your list and then prioritize it.

What do you want to focus on?

Becoming multi orgasmic?

A G-Spot orgasm?

Erotic massage techniques to make your lover squirm in ecstasy under your bare hands?

To Thine Own Self Be True,


P.S. It’s been a year since we offered Steamy Sex Ed in DVD or digital download. <=== Get your copy while you can. This 60% discount sale will not be up much longer.

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