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How To Pleasure A Woman Orally

Here is a complimentary oral pleasuring technique, just one of more than 200 unique sensual methods in the Steamy Sex Ed DVD Collection (digital version will also be available).

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First gently suckle her clit in your mouth. Don’t oversuck. Too much pressure doesn’t feel good.

While you are holding her clit in between your lips, bounce your head up and down like her mons and lips are a trampoline.

Pretend her pussy is a bouncy house and you’re jumping her clit in it with your mouth.

Do 3-5 bounces which pull her clit stalk away from her body.

Then release her clit.

Stick out your tongue.

Lick across her labia and clit quickly with a back and forth motion like you’re shaking your head, “no.”


See what kind of pressure she likes for both the sucking in of her clit with the bouncing as well as for how fast and what pressure feels good on the sideways clit licks.

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Here’s a sweet note from a Steamy customer:

Hi Steamy Gals!

I must say that I enjoyed the Bouncy House quite a bit.

But my favourite is a “leltin.”

My husband did this by just being playfull at the end of a clitoral kiss.
He blew on me, like one would blow on the tummy of a baby.
The the feeling of his vibrating lips against the clitoris, and surrounding area, is quite amazing!

Try this, and see for yourself.

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  1. I have been married 44 yrs.. I am 62 yrs, with a body of a 40yr old.. I am 6 ft 1 , 220 lbs with 10 % body fat.. 11 yrs ago my Dad past away.. I haven’t had a hug or kiss since..I could make love for hours, Makeing her body shake and tremble, with all kinds of trigasims and quadgasims.. It all stopped, and she said she had no more desire..I am stuck.. I need love to excist..what can I do but leave, and find someone that wants what I want.. Starved for love….

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