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How To Stroke Her If Your Hands Are Dirty From Your Job

“Ew. Get those dirty hands away from me!”

“But how can I stroke you if you won’t let me touch you?”

Here’s a letter from Paul, who works with his hands for a living…


You so good to all of us guys. After discovering your programs, now I can say I’m a master lover.

I want to give my wife ejaculatory orgasms.

She doesn’t want to because she says my hands are always dirty.

I work with my hands for a living and cannot get them completely clean and smooth.


Your Admirer,

Dear Paul,

Easy question… I have a fantastic solution for you.

Wear non-latex gloves and use organic oil when you are putting your fingers on and inside your wife’s genitals. You can give her Expanded Orgasm dates, erotic massages and the G-Area stroking that encourages most women’s bodies to ejaculate.

I’ve personally tested this myself and the gloves actually feel really nice and smooth on delicate vaginal tissue.

If I didn’t know they were there, I wouldn’t be able to tell from the feel.

A woman can relax knowing she isn’t going to get scratched or have any bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections from hands that might carry germs.

If you’re worried it’s not “romantic,” I can tell you that a masterful lover with trained stroking techniques like we teach in Expand Her Orgasm Tonight and Female Liquid Orgasm is going to thrill his woman so much she’ll put a dispenser next to the bedside table!

I suggest non-latex gloves because so many women are allergic to latex.

You can try both, if she’s not allergic, and see which feels better to her.

By the second or third time you wear gloves, it will become second nature.

So go ahead and get your hands nice and lubed up and give her tons of orgasms!

Let me know how it goes.

Put The Gloves On.

*Even when you’re doing the delicate strokes of DO date directly on her clit, up under the hood, she won’t be able to tell the gloves are on. They really feel good!

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