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Undeniable Passion: 3 Skills For A Lifetime of Pleasure

Here is a free audio interview where Devin St. Germain asked me to give you the THREE most important skills for a lifetime of intimacy and pleasure.

Gals, teach your men about these 3 skills to create a more sensual and erotic lovemaking experiences in your relationships.

The first skill is ‘HONESTY’.

Truth telling is juicy, present and POWERFUL.

You cannot have deep intimacy if you’re not completely honest and willing to bear your soul, bear your body. If you want a truly passionate, deeply intimate relationship full of erotic pleasure and sensuality, there’s a point at  which you just have to stop pretending you’re anyone else but exactly who you are and just be that person.

Honesty gets you a long way in the pleasure space. Yet, couples tend to not talk to each other, not give each other feedback, not share what they like and didn’t like because there’s this fear that if we give our lover some feedback  we’ll hurt their feelings.

But if you as the man encourage her to give you feedback, and in return you accept her feedback gratefully, you both cultivate your desires. And you grow your sexual capabilities as a lover.

If she can ask you for anything, whatever it is.

If you can get each other to feel so safe that you can say anything, it really accelerates how much pleasure you can have together.

When she can say anything to you without using her manners, it gives her the opportunity to really let go and surrender into her turn on and her orgasm in a way that she could never do with a man who’s sensitive to feedback.

So, be exactly who you are without running any filters on what you do or say– that’s number one.

The second skill is ‘SMALL OFFERS’.
Small offers make a big difference in a relationship.
This technique is the cornerstone of Seduce Her Tonight, part of the Seduction Trilogy, one of our most popular programs.

A lot of times most guys make an offer that are too big, for example, “Hey, would you like to have sex tonight?” and the woman says, “No.” That’s because the offer is huge, scary.
She turned it down not because she doesn’t want to have sex but could be because she isn’t warmed up yet for the ‘big’ game. He’s trying to get to the end game instead of starting at the beginning.

The passion develops as you lay in a foundation of foreplay and eroticism. Men love foreplay as much as women do; they just want to know that if they put in the work they’re going to get the payoff.  Men tend to rush foreplay and they rush the idea of noticing where she is and warming her up slowly.

Running a menu of small offers, instead of just asking for one giant thing, it gives you so much more opportunity to have more intimacy  more often, and the more you have it, the easier it gets and the better you get together.

The third skill is ‘VARIETY’
This is a critical skill for every lover you ever have for a lifetime of intimacy and pleasure, not just for this year or this month with this person that you’re dating.

This is the cure for the monotony of monogamy, it’s doing a lot of different things to keep it fresh. And it’s not just sex positions. It’s all kinds of variety, all kinds of things. It’s putting your partner into new experiences and being physically close to her in those new experiences, and then taking her up from there into sensual pleasure and erotic turn on that makes a big difference.

Let me take you for a walk in the park. Let’s try this new restaurant. Let me try this new massage. Run her a menu. “This idea, this idea, this idea, this idea, what sounds good to you?” That means you’re always bringing her opportunities, and if you increase the number of opportunities, it’s like sales. It’s a numbers game.

The more offers you make her, the more she can say yes to, the more sex you get, the closer you get,  the better your sex gets. That’s the upward pleasure spiral.

And it keeps EVERY sexual relationship going strong.

You can listen from your browser and you can also download a free copy to put on your smartphone or MP3 player for private listening.

‘Undeniable Passion: 3 Key Skills For A Lifetime Of Intimacy and Pleasure by Susan Bratton

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