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“The Edge Effect” Improve Your Memory, Attention, Temperament

This breakthrough book will help you keep or even repair your mental edge:

The Edge Effect: Reverse Or Prevent Alzheimer’s, Aging, Memory Loss, Weight Gain, Sexual Dysfunction And More by Dr. Eric Braverman 

Biochemical deficiencies lead to poor health and if you enhance your brain chemistry you can reach new personal heights of physical and emotional bliss. When you are at your physical and mental best you can reach a peaceful Zen mind, a power zone in your body and a spiritual pinnacle for your soul. This sharpness is the mark of a balanced brain that enables us to love others, remain calm and effectively put our intelligence to its highest purpose.

Dr. Braverman goes on to explain that our memory and attention is measured in milliseconds. A normal brain processes a thought at 320 milliseconds but if the timing gets off, we lose our edge. There is a test inside that determines your “nature” and explains how to get back to yourself.

There are four dominant neurotransmitters and each of us has a dominant biochemical nature:

– The Powerful Dopamine Nature
– The Creative Acetylcholine Nature
– The Stable GABA Nature
– The Playful Serotonin Nature

If you are deficient in chemicals required to operate these neurotransmitters you can find out what parts of your brain are affected and what to do about it to get your edge back.

Are you misplacing things? Absentminded? Having trouble focusing?

This is an AMAZING book.

It even shows you how your personality is governed by biochemistry and why your temperament might be “off.”

Grumpy? Short tempered? Maybe it’s as simple as taking an amino acid to get back to your old, positive self… Or maybe your partner needs support?

At the end, there’s a memory and recall test so you can benchmark your abilities before and after you follow his supplement recommendations for your nature.

I cannot recommend this book more highly.

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Let me know if you get it (I got it at my library and then ended up purchasing my own copy) and if it affects your life positively by commenting on the blog below. Take care of your brain. Get The Edge Effect!

Susan Bratton

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