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[SURVEY] Rate Yourself On A Scale of 1-10 Now

Posted by on Dec 14, 2019 in Featured, Sex, Susan Bratton | 2 comments

TAKE THE SEXUAL SATISFACTION SURVEY HERE ⇐ YOUR PRIVACY GUARANTEED Can you please take this short sexual skills survey for me? It’s...

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[SURVEY] How Satisfied Are You?

Posted by on Oct 8, 2019 in Romance, Susan Bratton | 0 comments

See this picture? I superimposed myself on someone else’s TED talk photo to visualize my goal of doing a TED talk. I made it my computer...

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How To Express Your Sexuality

Posted by on Sep 26, 2017 in Featured, Lovemaking | 0 comments

Maria asks, “How do I gain more confidence to be more slutty for him in a good way?” A good read for both men AND women. (Guys, I’m...

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String Bikini For Her

Posted by on Aug 22, 2017 in Arousal, Attraction, Intimacy, Romance, Sex | 0 comments

Thank you so much for letting me send you a free bedroom bikini for your lady. My mission is to help men have more sexy fun times with...

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How To Give Him Sexual Feedback Without Hurting His Feelings

Posted by on Jun 6, 2015 in Featured, Lovemaking | 0 comments

Give Him Feedback How do I get her to tell me what she likes? These 2 simple communication tricks save egos and make sex...

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