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Romance Trick #5: Get Moving and Get Wet

Welcome to Part 5 of my Romance Challenge Series featuring techniques from my 5 Pillars of Passion.

Each week I’m dropping one of my road-tested Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic to add a dash of zing to your love life. If you’re solo now, practice this tip on friends. They love to be loved by you too. 

Here’s Romance Trick #5: Get Moving and Get Wet 

Playful Adventures move your partner’s body to move their emotions. Take your partner dancing, undulating to the rhythm of music.  

Enroll them in a Yoga, Tai Chi or a Qi Gong class as a surprise. 

It’s more fun for both of you when you join your lover on a Playful Adventure and it enhances the polarity of male and female physicality.

To get wet, you can try taking a bubble bath together. 

You know what to do. Candles… Champagne…  

This basic strategy is just classic delight for women, while guys love it when they’re in intimate escapades with their partner. Especially if you fill up the tub, get the room ready and let your significant other get undressed and in the tub while you gaze at their sexy body. 

If they’ll allow you, towel them dry at the end.

Then if they’ll want a little something more, rub organic nut oil such as avocado or sweet almond oil all over their whole body and wipe the excess off with a towel. You may go on to give them a soothing massage. 

Combine all these and more sensual activities to spark even more romance. 

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