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How To Sexually Satisfy A Woman

Many women remain sexually unsatisfied and it’s not always the man’s fault. Read more to learn how to sexually satisfy a woman…

And it’s not always because the man in the relationship cannot physically satisfy her.

Sometimes, they don’t want to give her pleasure.

It sounds strange for a guy to not want sex. But it happens.

A reader emailed me about this very problem. Now, for her situation, not even TWO men can satisfy her sexually.

What’s the problem?

Check out her email and my response below.

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“Dear Susan,

I wanted some advice on making both the men in my life develop their capacity to meet my sexual and intimate needs.

My husband, in his 70s, does not initiate intimacy or sexual pleasure. Only when I am getting into bed for a cuddle, he becomes openly loving and affectionate. He will cuddle and pleasure me with his hands. However, there is no intimacy or penetrative sex. Not for more than three years.

I received a proposition last year. I had to consider whether I want to live in the present or go with society’s programmed morals. After considerable reflection, I decided to live and love in the present.

I went ahead with another person. I stayed away overnight.

My husband accepted it happened. However, I know he is likely affected subconsciously.

Now here’s another thing. I found that I never stopped loving my husband, although I have shown anger in the past that he had abandoned me in intimacy.

Yet, I also love the other man. He is in another relationship. It seems that maybe until recently, they were not intimate.

He has been in chastity since this summer. I have the other key. Both of us have had difficult situations in our lives, and he has not allowed me to remove the chastity but has given me pleasure through oral sex.

I have not seen him for the past three months. I feel that we both need space to grow. Both need to learn about being emotionally healthy for our families (both of us have teenage and young adults as children). His wife needs him, and my husband needs me.

Both men show a lack of interest in meeting me halfway with intimacy and sexual attraction.

I wondered if you can help me with how to go forward.

I have come to terms in life that we are all energy and have to live in the present.

Yours sincerely,

Samantha (not her real name)”



Hello Samantha,

Your husband probably stopped touching you because he has erectile dysfunction.

Help him reverse his ED by learning what to do from my YouTube channel.

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Guys often don’t know how to fix this issue themselves and need a woman’s support.

Restart your romance and sexuality with him. Have him keep holding you and giving you orgasms every way he can: oral, manual, and using sex toys.

You can still have sexy times without his erection. Don’t give up on him.

Concerning your lover, there is an issue where he isn’t giving you a hard penis either, for whatever reason. So he is not a suitable lover unless you want him for another reason.

If you’re going to take a lover, find someone who can sexually satisfy you. There are tons of men out there with hard cocks who will service and sexually help you. I wouldn’t hang on to this one unless he’s making you happy because you risk a lot by having an affair.

Start working on rekindling your husband’s romance and getting him back in the lover’s state of mind. I recommend that you consider starting an Expanded Orgasm practice with him while trying to figure out the best path to fix his ED or find that something besides ED is preventing him from having intercourse with you.

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Video Where Tim and I Talk About Our Expanded Orgasm Practice ⇐ How To Sexually Satisfy A Woman 

In the meantime, if you want to, you can look for an alternate lover who can give you satisfying intercourse sessions. You might even ask your husband if you can take a lover. He might want to participate so you have two guys giving you orgasms. Many men like to “double team” a woman and see her have a lot of incredible orgasms. You wrote to me for ideas and this is an equally reasonable option.

Bottom line: don’t give up on your sexuality. You’re doing a good job trying to figure out what to do. Keep going. Work both lines:

1) Solve your marital sexual issues

2) Find a lover who satisfies you or remediate the situation with your husband.

You’ll know what feels right for you.

Let me know how it goes.

how to sexually satisfy a woman

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