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Powerful Sensual Massage Technique (VIDEO)

Powerful Sensual Massage Technique (VIDEO)


Last week in LA I spoke at my friend Dave Asprey’s Upgrade Labs on Women’s Sexual Health. Before my talk, I went around and asked each woman why she came to see me speak. 

This one very vivacious brunette explained to me that she could only achieve climax if she had foreplay. She looked guilty… like it was her fault if she couldn’t achieve orgasm unless she got enough stimulation before intercourse.

I said honey, honey, honey, NEVER have sex again UNLESS you get enough foreplay that your Yoni is screaming, “put it in!”

It really makes me sad that women think they should just be READY without the time devoted to fully engorging their genitals. It makes me even more mad that women think there is something WRONG with them if they need 20 minutes, a half-hour, even 45 minutes of being held, stroked and then having their genitals lovingly engorged with blood flow and getting aroused enough to become lubricated.

Sensual massages aren’t just for pleasure and engorgement.


Sensual genital massages are also good for healing emotional issues that a lot of us women experience and that diminish our sexual potential throughout our lives if not released. 

Women also don’t often live up to their orgasmic potential. Most of the time, like that vivacious brunette, we have sex too fast with our lovers, before we fully get our bodies engorged and filled with blood. 

Blood flow is essential to a woman’s sexual health and pleasure. 

That’s why for today’s video, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite ways to improve blood flow and have better intimate relations with your lover —the Expanded Orgasm couples practice (taught to Tim and I by none other than my amazing mentor, Dr. Patti Taylor!). 

You can start doing these massages for yourself, or have your partner do this for you tonight. 

Watch My Video  Powerful Sensual Massage Technique ⇓


Sensual massages are a practice you can do where the woman can completely surrender to her lover in full pleasure. 

It’s a way for lovers to build more heart-connection and more desire for each other, as well as create more intimacy and make sex less transactional. 

This practice allows lovers to slow down, practice intimacy without having intercourse, and experience a deeper kind of bond together. 

It also builds up to one of the most exhilarating orgasms a woman can ever experience. That alone is a good reason why you should do this tonight. 

I also want to give you a FREE Gift, a collection of books from my good friend and fellow sex expert, Dr. Patti. 

It’s all about how lovers can escalate their sexual experiences with the help of the Expanded Orgasm practice. 

This is touted as one of the (if not THE) best kind of orgasm a woman can experience. 

It’s different than female ejaculation, and may even be more pleasurable for the woman. 

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