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Sex And The Prostate Videos

Sex And The Prostate Videos

Can a guy “biohack” his penis? 

I’ve interviewed some incredibly smart people over the years, and one of them is Dr. Judson Brandeis. 

He is a board-certified urologist and GAINSWave director of clinical excellence. He does penis surgeries, including all of the various prostate procedures, penile implants, and Peyronie’s repair.

Today, I’m giving you a playlist of our Sex and the Prostate webinar. I had my team slice these up into all the specific issues men have so you didn’t have to watch the 2-hour video. You can just look at the playlist and click right to the specific issues you want to learn about.

Judd and I  go deep and hard into biohacking a man’s penis using safe and natural methods to improve performance, health, and vitality. 

It’s time every guy discovers how to “build” a bangtastic boner. 

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The videos in this series discuss a variety of topics such as: 

  • Biohacking the Aging Penis 
  • Circumcisions and Sex 
  • Desensitivity and Trouble Ejaculating 
  • Disappearing Felatia 
  • Enlarged Prostates 
  • Prostate Cancer and GAINSWave 
  • Getting Erections After an Enlarged Prostate 
  • Getting Libido Back After an Enlarged Prostate 
  • GAINSWave after TRUS 
  • GAINSWave for Men Over 70 
  • GAINSWave for Micropenis 
  • GANSWave for Peyronies 
  • GAINSWave for Rectal Cancer 
  • Prostate Function 
  • PRP For Enlarged Prostate 
  • Resistance To Viagra

And so much more… 

I also want to give you one of my FREE books, the Pump Guide. 

In my FREE Penis Pump Guide, you’ll discover how to accurately use a penis pump to maximize harder, longer-lasting, lengthier and thicker erections safely, in the least amount of time —with permanent gains.

Anyone of any age can pump. You can pump to reverse softness, you can pump to make your penis bigger, you can pump simply to get a rock hard erection like when you were a young man.

I also cover the latest new protocols for reversing erectile dysfunction and creating more robust erections by combining three protocols:

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