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Remove Libido-Killing Toxins (VIDEO)

You are exposed to more toxins than you think. They are disrupting your hormone production, feeding your candida yeasts, interfering with your cellular energy, impairing antioxidants and weakening or preventing ATP production.

I discovered how serious this toxin issue is for the average American, European, Canadian, Aussie and Kiwi interviewing all those doctors on my Sexual Vitality Summit. Doc after doc was talking about toxins and their negative impact on libido.

In today’s video, Warren Phillips of CytoDetox and I discuss how toxins affect our libido and overall sexual health. 

And, we talk about how CytoDetox is a totally new and different type of detox protocol than everything else available. 

Watch the video: Is CytoDetox The Best Detox? 


We also talk about how Warren’s company was able to use this 50,000-year-old mineral discovered by NASA to detox some of the world’s most egregious heavy metals and toxins from our bodies. 

Simply avoiding “toxic” substances is no longer enough. We’re in them from our soaps, shampoos, the air, our water, and our food —phthalates, parabens, PCBs, arsenic, mercury, lead, cesium, food coloring, jeez! Toxins are everywhere. 

These toxins can get reabsorbed by the body before they exit out of our elimination channels without using detoxifying binders. 

There are binders for your gut system but they don’t cross the blood-brain barrier, so you end up with toxins in the waxy cholesterol of your brain.

That’s where cellular binders like zeolite come in. 

These special zeolites called clinoptilolites come from the earth and are charged to attract the toxins and heavy metals that accumulate in your body. 

They bind with toxic molecules and you poop them out. They keep the toxins from getting reabsorbed until they’re completely flushed out of your system. (This is why many people gain back the weight they lose if they don’t follow proper detox methods first.)

But zeolites are usually full of heavy metals themselves… until now. 

I take this detox once each morning and night. A dropper full under the tongue… too easy! 

CytoDetox attracts the toxins and out they go.

Watch the video: Is CytoDetox The Best Detox? 

Cyto Detox Capture

I’m also happy to tell you that CytoDetox was kind enough to give my fans an amazing gift. 

You can get your own bottles of CytoDetox at a great 20% discount. Here’s what CytoDetox can do for you: 

  • REMOVE endocrine disruptors that suppress your natural hormone production
  • UPGRADE your cellular energy (mitochondria) so that you feel more energized when you wake up and stronger in the gym
  • TRANSFORM your ability to metabolize dietary fat into energy, by removing toxins that disrupt your gut health
  • REMOVE the metals that can create yeast (candida) issues and are often a hidden culprit in sugar cravings
  • ELIMINATE stubborn fat by targeting the root cause of weight loss resistance (toxins in the cell and endocrine system)
  • REBALANCE your hormones and body systems so you feel energized, experience elevated mood, and motivation to maximize your keto/weight-loss results

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