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How and Why GAINSWave and P Shot Work (Mailbag)

How and Why GAINSWave and P Shot Work (Mailbag)


More and more guys are getting GAINSWave and P Shot appointments. As I write this to you, Tim just got his annual GAINSWave and PRP. He does one every year to keep his penis in excellent erectile function.

I was also recently on a bus with a bunch of guys who were all talking about how they do annual GAINSWave tune-ups. Though I was an early believer, the whole notion of preventative erectile management is gaining ground with many men.

Nobody used to have even heard of GAINSWave and PRP. And guys would laugh about penis enlargement with a penis pump. But no longer. Now guys are bragging about their penis self-care!

And like I mentioned in the past, even younger, healthier men are interested. Not just because they want a bigger tool (who doesn’t, right?)

Sure, GAINSWave and the P Shot work well for those with E.D…

But also because these men want a much stronger, powerful, and more virile man-cannon.

When famous bio-hackers and health experts like Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield line up for these treatments and give massive praise to their effectiveness, you know they’re good.

I recently received an email from one of my readers. He’s up for an appointment for both protocols. Check out WHY he went for it below.

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“Dear Susan,

After reading your much-loved emails and watching your videos, I’ve scheduled myself for both the GAINSWave and P-Shot in this coming week. Mentally I don’t need it, as I think about making love to my wife a lot. But I do want to be the best I can be so I am going for it. Can you attest that it makes a difference?  You said your Tim had it done. What can I expect? Thanks.” — Clarence (not his real name) 


Hi Clarence,

I’m very glad you are taking care of your erectile health.

The GAINSWave will break up atherosclerosis in your penis.

Atherosclerosis is when your penile arteries get blocked by artery plaque. Your blood vessels, specifically the endothelium, which are a thin layer of smooth muscle cells that keep your arteries flexible become hard and less flexible. Artery plaque also reduces your blood carrying capacity because of your veins and capillaries narrow.

Atherosclerosis is another word for heart disease — or cardiovascular disease. It is the typical cause of heart attacks and strokes. The veins and arteries of your penis are part of this peripheral heart disease. 

When bad cholesterol, or LDL, crosses the damaged endothelium, the cholesterol enters the wall of the artery. That causes your white blood cells to stream in to digest the LDL. Over the years, cholesterol and cells become plaque in the wall of the artery.

Plaque creates a bump on the artery wall. As atherosclerosis progresses, that bump gets bigger. When it gets big enough, it can create a blockage. That process goes on throughout your entire body but you often first experience it in your penis. As a result, not only is your heart at risk, but you are also at risk for stroke and other health problems.

The GAINSWave uses acoustic waves to cavitate or vibrate the plaque loose. The waves also do slight damage to the penile tissue. This tissue stimulation doesn’t hurt. The cavitation causes your body to recruit healing factors from your blood to repair the damage. This strengthens the new tissue much like when you tear a muscle during weight lifting and it repairs and gets bigger.

The Priapus Shot, or P Shot, done concurrently, uses the healing factors from your own blood and inserts that PRP or platelet-rich plasma into your penile tissue. This also increases endothelial function and rebuilds new tissue.  The PRP is like a turbocharger for the GAINSWave. I love them together as a fantastic penile rejuvenation strategy.

The combination of the GAINSWave and PRP can be further improved by the addition of every-other-day pumping with a quality penis pump. For 13 weeks during and after your GAINSWave and PRP treatments, use The Whopper pump for one or two sessions every other day. This further accelerates the benefits of the treatments.

You can also download my ebook, the Pump Guide for FREE. 

This special report has links to the ONLY pump I recommend that is backed by excellent customer service and has a cylinder that increases not just girth, but penis length.

If you decide to pump for increased penis volume, which improves blood carrying capacity and erectile firmness (a lady’s favorite), definitely use The Whopper. Other pumps are 99% Chinese crap with horrible gauges that could cause you damage.

Don’t risk your dick!

You may do well with a single GAINSWave and PRP shot. You may need more. A series of GAINSWaves can be excellent. The typical treatment is six GAINSWaves in three weeks —2 per week. (Use code BETTER to get a 7th treatment free.) And getting a PRP Shot every six months until you feel like you are back to your old self is also encouraged.

The combination of GAINSWave, PRP and The Whopper pumping will restore you to youthful vigor… or as I like to say, you’ll have a “bangin’ boner!”

Let me know how it goes. And don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt.

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⇐ Increases Your Blood Carrying Capacity (Bigger Size Too) 

Download My Penis Pump Guide ⇐ A Step-By-Step Guide To Using My #1 Recommended Penis Pump

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