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How To Finger A Girl + Yoni Massage + More (VIDEO)

How To Finger A Girl + Yoni Massage + More (VIDEO)


You are going to LOVE my video this week.

In this video, I’m swinging on a sex swing teaching lovers how to properly and effectively finger a woman’s sweet spots, give her a Yoni massage, as well as some orgasmic clitoral stroking techniques.

If you’re a woman, pick up some great ideas to have your lover try on you.

With these tips in hand (pun intended), if you’re the giver, you’re going to be a master at giving sensational orgasmic pleasure to your woman’s gentle flower.

Check Out My YouTube Video Here ⇐ Advanced Fingering Techniques


There are 3 important pieces that contribute to a woman having amazing orgasms from intercourse:

  1. Variety
  2. Context
  3. Engorgement

And I explain each one of them in this video too.

You see, to give tantalizing amounts of orgasmic loving to your woman, you just need to do these three things… and you just need to have a little bit of practice.

After watching this video, you’ll have more than enough to be a master at giving pleasure with your hands… and tongue… and mouth… and everything else!

Watch My YouTube Video Here ⇐ Advanced Fingering Techniques

I also want to give you my G-Spot Toys guide for FREE.

Inside, I talk about the very best G-Spot toys that I wholeheartedly (and orgasmically) recommend and love to use.

Yes, I do use them!

You’ll also get to know which ones are good for certain sex positions, for couples, for self-pleasure, and for certain unique kinds of pleasures.

When you get this toy guide, you will also receive a link to an EXPLICIT How-To Video so you know how to use these toys. These toys used incorrectly can hurt a gal, so you gotta know what the heck you are doing.

Download My G-Spot Toys Guide For FREE ⇐ Link Is In The Video Description


Please, I need you to subscribe to my Better Lover YouTube Channel. It’s free. You just sign up with your email. Subscribing signals to YouTube that my videos are valuable and helps us grow. I really appreciate it.

The links I mention in the video can be found under the video. Click “SHOW MORE” on the left on your computer. Or click the little TRIANGLE on the right on your phone and it will expand to show the links and transcript.  

Download My G-Spot Toys Guide Here For FREE ⇐ Link is In The Description Below The Video

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