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A Secret G-Spot Area To Touch

A Secret G-Spot Area To Touch


Stroke THIS!

Here is a secret G-Spot pleasuring area you may be missing.

This is from a post I did on Instagram. If you’re not following me on Instagram, you’re missing some incredible sex advice!

The G-Spot is not a spot. It’s a tube of erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra. The anatomically correct term is the urethral sponge. This is a picture of that tube with the Skene’s Glands. These glands are what pulls the liquid from her blood plasma and fills the tube with the fluid that is called, Amrita or ejaculate.

When she “squirts,” the fluid comes from these glands. See that cute little flower shape on the left side of this image? That is the part that is visible on her vulva, under her clitoris and above her vaginal opening.The urethral sponge starts at a spot below the tip of the clitoris and above the opening to the vaginal canal on the outside of a woman’s body. It’s where her pee comes out.

All around that opening is the spongy tissue —the pretty flower —that loves to be stimulated.

This spongy tube travels up along the roof of her vaginal canal to the bladder. That’s why most people tell you the G-Spot is found just at the entrance to the vagina up inside. Yes. It’s there. But it’s ALSO on her slit between clit and vagina. And that area loves to be stroked.

Too often a partner will focus on the clitoris and the vagina and completely MISS touching the space between the two. The more you play with this tissue, the more engorged it gets. The more filled with blood it gets, the more pleasure she feels.

This part of the urethral sponge loves to be stroked with fingers, licked with a tongue and tapped and rubbed with the tip of a penis. Using a vibrator on all this tissue is also beneficial as it helps engorge the whole area.


In our groundbreaking online video program that teaches you how to pleasure the G-Spot and give a woman female ejaculatory orgasms called, Female Liquid Orgasm by the charming Tallulah Sulis, we show you a number of sex positions and stimulation techniques that engorge the ENTIRE G-Area, not just the little bit that pokes out the top of the vagina.

Working with all of a woman’s tissue it the key to giving her the most intense and abundant orgasms possible.

Orgasm is a learned skill. You get better a coming as you practice. Finding and stimulating all her erectile tissue is also one of the three keys to giving a woman vaginal orgasms from penetration.

The other two keys are context — as in making her comfortable in her lovemaking environment and variety. Variety includes doing different stimulating techniques as well as positions, locations et cetera.

Mastering the G-Spot skill that separates the ho hum lover from the masterful one.

If you can get Female Liquid Orgasm, it will unlock a whole new universe of pleasure. I hope you can get this program. It’s one of our very best and we’ve taught over 3,000 people to have G-Spot and squirting orgasmic pleasure.

I finally started orgasming from intercourse once my G-Area was fully engorged. It’s part of the solution to bridge, “the orgasm gap.” That’s where men can come easily from intercourse while women struggle. The struggle ends when the tissue starts getting the stimulation it needs.

 Female Liquid Orgasm ⇐ Discover A Universe of Pleasure

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