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Getting The Right Advice For P-Shot And GAINSWave Treatments

Getting The Right Advice For P-Shot And GAINSWave Treatments


Sometimes we get different (and even conflicting) information from different providers.

Even if it’s for the same treatment, method, or technique.  However, they all share common ground, which I discuss below.

One of my trusted fans reached out to me after getting different advice from two providers of the P-Shot and GAINSWave treatments for men’s erectile performance.

Which one’s correct? And if you experience something like this, whose advice should YOU follow?

Scroll down for his questions and my advice.


“Hi Susan,

I read your information about the P-Shot and GAINSWave treatments for E.D. and opted to receive them. However, because of price differences between providers, I have chosen to receive the P-Shot from one provider and the GAINSWave treatment from a different provider.

I am getting conflicting information between the two. Therefore, since you are not motivated or influenced by the fees charged for these procedures, I need some accurate information.  

Should there be a time lag between getting the P-Shot and additional GAINSWave treatments? One provider says two months while the other one says seven days.

Which, if either, is correct? Thanks.” — Logan (not his real name)


Hi Logan,

Thank you for asking.

This is my opinion, based on how I’ve been trained, what I know, my personal experience and the feedback from so many of my fans all combined…

Both treatments take time to work. The GAINSWave for many guys has an immediate effect that continues to improve. That’s because the acoustic healing technology does two things:

1) It “cleans the pipes” by removing arterial plaque and fibrin from the blood carrying system in your penis with an FDA 1 cleared device and is the safest therapy to improve blood flow.

Much of erectile function is based on blood flow. So having fast-flowing arteries, veins and capillaries helps you have firmer, harder erections. Over 50 studies have shown this to be one of the most effective treatments available today. It is drug and surgery free.

2) The sonic vibrations also stimulate new blood vessel growth in the tissues of the penis. This causes your body to bring in healing factors to the tissue. The healing brings back youthful vitality to the tissue, increasing it’s smooth muscle tissue (SMC) response. The SMC or endothelium is the lining in the veins and arteries that needs to be flexible enough to expand to let blood in and then strong (not brittle) enough to lock the blood into the penis to maintain an erection.

Essentially the GAINSWave rejuvenates the penile systems so you can get and stay hard.

When you add the P Shot, or Priapus Shot, you are giving yourself a turbo charge of additional healing factors from your own blood. This PRP or platelet-rich plasma is taken from your own blood and positioned into your penile structure. That added healing booster, right at the same time as you do the GAINSWave is the optimal time.

Right when you’ve done GAINSWave’s good “damage” you add additional healing factors from the P Shot to double down on the regenerative therapy.

I’d do the P Shot as close to the first GAINSWave treatment as possible.

What I can’t tell you is how many GAINSWave’s you’ll need. Many doctors want to give you a series of three within weeks of each other. And while that doesn’t hurt anything, it seems rushed to me.

Some guys have needed 18 treatments to get back their function. Some men are happy with a single treatment. People’s health is a spectrum, so it’s impossible for me to tell you how many treatments to get.

If it were me, I’d suggest a good place to start is three treatments, 60-days apart. That gives your body time to rebuild before you do a second round of good damage.

For a P-Shot  to take full effect, it needs six months. I wouldn’t do them closer together.

So for the average guy, not a guy with serious erectile dysfunction, but a guy who has a good hard on and wants to make it even more robust — the 40-50 year old guy who wants a banging boner, not the 70 year old guy with diabetes who is also on blood pressure medicine and doesn’t eat well or exercise — that guy I’d have to defer to his local practitioner.

For my husband, the first guy above, I’d suggest this kind of schedule:

  • First Treatment (January)
    GAINSWave and P Shot
  • 60 Days Later (March)
  • 60 Days Later (June)
    GAINSWave and P Shot
  • 60 Days Later (September)
    Possible additional GAINSWave

During this time, I would heartily recommend that you follow each GAINSWave and each P-Shot with every-other-day penis pumping. Especially right after your treatments, and especially with the P Shot, pumping can increase ALL the benefits of these treatments.

Even if you don’t want to pump for enlargement, when you pump, you are taking advantage of all the healing that is happening from the treatments.

The pump I recommend is The Whopper. It gets a lot more of all of your tissue into the cylinder. When you get a GAINSWave treatment, you’ll notice that the practitioner doesn’t just use the sound waves on the external part of your penis. They go as deep into the buried shaft as they can to get all of your penile tissue to regenerate.

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The combination of the Pump with the P-Shot and the GAINSWave will give you back increased blood carrying capacity, will make your erections firmer, will help you stay hard, and will increase your penis size overall.

There are some supplements for pumping I’d also recommend. They, along with the pumping routine I recommend as well as more about GAINSWave and P-Shots are all in my free report. 

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