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Expressing Feminine Power And Grace (Video)

Expressing Feminine Power And Grace (Video)

A Shakti Queen is a woman who is entirely in touch with and aware of her feminine essence, power, and grace and can reach her full potential as a sensual goddess. Learn how to express feminine energy.

Yet, due to our tendency to be over-masculine to survive this modern world, we end up pushing our feminine essence deeper and deeper inside.

My friend, Amara Charles, and I talk about how and when women can wield our considerable feminine powers in our daily lives while still bringing out the best in ourselves.

Click Here To Watch Our Video ⇐ Expressing Feminine Power And Grace


We also talk about how a Shakti Queen can ensure she’s not draining her energy, warmth, and life force from giving out too much of her love to others.

This is vital. As women, we tend to gravitate towards nurturing, loving, and healing others before taking care of ourselves.

Amara explains how you can still be a fully-loving Shakti Queen while still fully loving yourself.

Here’s Our Video ⇐ How To Express Feminine Energy

how to express feminine energySUZ AND AMARA

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