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Vaginal Tone Means More Intense Pleasure

Vaginal Tone Means More Intense Pleasure

An exquisite self-love practice that helps a woman get very intimate with her “sacred place.”

This video is mostly interesting for women unless you’re a man with a partner who has vaginal dryness, inability to feel orgasm, or lack of tone or looseness of her vaginal canal.

The Yoni Egg feminine empowerment practice has a tangible, body-based payoff like nothing else a woman can do to fully embody her sexuality.

In this week’s video, I talk with Amara Charles about an exquisite self-love practice that helps a woman get very intimate with her “sacred place.”

Jade Egg practice is especially beneficial for women who want to fully embrace what it is to be a woman in a female body in today’s world.

In addition to the psychological benefits, Jade Egg practice can have remarkable physical benefits. For example: more lubrication and more articulation in the vagina. That’s right… your vagina can actually become more articulate!

Imagine ladies… being able to squeeze your partner’s penis sequentially up the length of the shaft with your vaginal muscles. Oooh baby!

But the benefits don’t stop there…

LET ME SHOW YOU MY JADE EGG ← Watch NOW (see my egg and Amara’s)

Amara recommends using the Jade Egg at night. While she sleeps, a woman’s vaginal walls gently pulse against the Jade egg. This increases sensitivity and strengthens the vaginal muscles.

In time, she’ll be wetter and have more lubrication because of this gentle, barely perceptible “vulva exercise.”

But there’s more…


This is the pure Jade Egg drilled Nephrite stone I recommend because not only is it Gemological Institute certified, it comes with instructions by Saida Desilets.

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The vaginal muscles start to “play” with the egg, which increases vaginal tone. More vaginal tone means more intense orgasmic pleasure.

And I don’t have to tell you how much we women love THAT.


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