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How A Woman Can Cultivate Her Sexual Potential

How A Woman Can Cultivate Her Sexual Potential

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What are you waiting for, mama? You only have one life to live!

Start using your sexual potential up! Don’t save it for a rainy day!

Every day that you miss the opportunity to be close to a lover is a squandered moment of one of life’s most extraordinary pleasures.

Here are five fundamental pieces of knowledge that will increase your feminine sexual potential:

  1. Get over body issues and cultural shame.
  2. Train your lover to appreciate all of your feedback.
  3. Notice what you want and ask for it.
  4. Manage your boundaries.
  5. Appreciate your progress.

Single or In A Relationship?

If you have a husband or boyfriend, you can get started today.

Turn over a new leaf and forgive and forget any past experiences you’ve had. I’m giving you an official “do over” with your man. If you do not have a lover now, start looking immediately for someone who turns you on.

Don’t worry about their job, how much money they have, what kind of car they drive, their political persuasions —find a lover who physically turns you on and see if they would be willing to have a purely sexual relationship with you.

Give yourselves this gift of attraction. Don’t expect them to fulfill all your needs.

If they are HOT and make your Yoni excited and they are intelligent enough to find your bedroom door and they have integrity, that’s enough. Get a relationship based purely on lust to practice with.

Then work these five concepts to cultivate your sexual potential. You can always use what you learn on your future ideal lover. The idea now is to get more experience.

Get Over Body Issues And Cultural Shame

99% of women are ashamed of their sexual desire or how they look naked.

Our culture, our family, religious beliefs and advertising make us feel unattractive, imperfect and ashamed. Do whatever you need to do to push every single limiting thought out of your head as it occurs and replace it with a positive affirmation.

It’s just programming.  Turn the radio station in your mind to KLUV ♥.  You are beautiful no matter what you look like. And every day you deny yourself pleasure because of what you think others would say or how you think you look is self-defeating and shackles you in negativity.

Find workarounds to your issues. Turn down the lights. Wear lingerie that covers the parts you don’t like. Take better care of your body. Know that in this moment you are as young as you’ll ever be.

Don’t wait for perfection. It never comes. Perfection is allowing yourself to love your imperfections and getting intimate with another human being who adores you.

Finally, men are not that picky. Besides, testosterone has rose colored lenses. It doesn’t see the imperfections like we women do! Women are our own worst enemies about our bodies and our sexual desires. Men want you to show your desire. Men want to see you nude and they love you for exactly who you are. Men love women who are sexually confident without hang ups.

Just let your anxiety go each moment that it comes up.. Let go of your worries. Focus on connecting intimately with your lover. Surrender to your co-created pleasure. This is what fulfills and nurtures us as human beings.

It’s literally THAT easy.

Train Your Lover To Appreciate All Of Your Feedback

Many men have fragile egos. We all do. Yet, what men want most is to do an outstanding job pleasuring you. And if you “correct” them, they can get apologetic or even upset. So you don’t get to give them feedback that can help them become the lover that gets you coming for hours.

Try this.

Tell your guy you want to be able to give him tons of feedback without using any manners. You just want the freedom to blurt out anything in the heat of the moment and all you want them to do is say, “thanks” or “OK.” No apologizing from either of you. Ask your guy to simply and gracefully accept your feedback so you don’t have to stop, think of a polite way to express yourself and then deal with upset from your feedback.

If he wants you to surrender to your raw lust with him you can’t be pussy footing around with manners.

Make him eager for feedback. Show him how awesome it is when you tell him what you like and he does it. And watch how this ability to be real and in the moment accelerates your pleasure because you are being honest.

This bedroom communication technique explodes passion. It’s so powerful I call it The Sexual Soulmate Pact. It’s one of the six essentials for connected sex in my Amazon #1 international bestseller, Sexual Soulmates.

And I’ve taken the technique out of my book and I’m GIVING IT TO YOU.

The Sexual Soulmate Pact Bedroom Communication Technique ⇐ Explodes Passionate Lovemaking

Get it. Print it out. Give it to all of your lovers from now on. Make this pact.

Notice What You Want And Ask For It

For you to increase the amount of pleasure and joy you get from sex, you must actively ask yourself what you desire. The first part of the Sexual Soulmate Pact requires you to tune into yourself, your body, what you want.

You and your lovers mature sexually throughout your life. People start with the fundamentals —intercourse, oral sex —and then begin to learn the nuances of becoming an extraordinary lover.

Having an Expanded Orgasm practice, or being able to ejaculate if you’re a woman or to have multiple orgasms as a man, these are more advanced skills. Over time you might begin to enjoy things that formerly you would have had an aversion to.

Getting better at having sex requires that you both give your lover feedback and that you query your own internal desires and communicate them to your lover. Developing a level of trust by being honest with each other drives your intimacy even deeper to each other.

The next time you make love, try this. Use The Sexual Soulmate Pact to ask for everything you want. And have your partner do the same. See how much more exciting it is when you make the commitment to ask?

Afraid you might be asked to do something you don’t want? Here’s the fourth part of nurturing your sexual coming-of-age.

Manage Your Boundaries

There are things that you simply do not like at this point in time. Leave the possibility open that someday you might want to try a particular sexual experience.

Maybe now you don’t like your hair messed up during lovemaking. Then a few years from now you get into hair-pulling.

Maybe now you don’t want your makeup smeared during sex. The next thing you know you are so comfortable with yourself you’re making love together in the shower.

You don’t want anything near your anus, EVER! Then you find that you love a lubed finger resting up inside while you use your vibrator on yourself.

Your tastes and needs are continuously evolving. Every time you make love you are in a different mood and want different experiences.

If you are comfortable saying exactly what you need each time, you can create exactly the experience that brings you the most pleasure.  Communicating what your boundaries are each time you make love is a perfectly reasonable way to let your lover know what would pleasure you most. And that’s what s/he wants to do. Which brings me to the 5th fundamental concept that will support your sexual maturation.

Appreciate Your Progress

Like any endeavor, experience makes it better. The more you make love, the better it gets. And the greatest thing about sex it that it just keeps getting better. You can be a greedy pig sexually and the pleasure will continue to expand.

Take time to notice your own progress… Things you can do now that you couldn’t do before… Additional skills you’ve learned… The quality of your experience continuing to increase.

Share these observations with your lover. This kind of pillow talk is both intimate and empowering for you both.

People don’t really get GOOD at sex until their 50s or 60s and you can have a hot sex life until the day you pass on.

Sex is one of the most nurturing and healthy experiences you can have. So notice yourself becoming more confident and orgasmic as you move toward co-created bliss together.

Practice and become an absolute boss on seducing your lover.

Make them crave and desire you.

The Sexual Soulmate Pact Bedroom Communication Technique ⇐ Explodes Passionate Lovemaking

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