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How To Avoid Crashing Into A Sexless Marriage

How To Avoid Crashing Into A Sexless Marriage

One of men’s greatest fears is to live a sexless life.

And that’s not an exaggeration.

For the last decade, I’ve helped men whose wives have become less and less interested in sex turn their women back on again.

Rekindling the secual spark is a process. She didn’t lose her sex drive in an instant. Something happened slowly and subtly in the background of your relationship that caused her to lose interest in sexual adventures.

But there IS a process to revive your lover’s libido.

Here is how to bring back her sexual passion like a phoenix risen from the ashes, burning and hot with fervor.

Scroll down below to read this and my response.

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“Hi Susan,

I’ve been married for 26+ years with the same woman.

Prior to marriage, my wife had a troubled past with a bad boyfriend and an abusive father.

When we were dating, we talked about it and planned to save sex for our marriage. She of course told me how she couldn’t wait to have her way with me.

It sounded good at the time.

However, after we were married, things were different. There were “rules” established.

No anal sex. I respect that. And she also hesitated every time I brought up blowjobs. She would allow me to go down on her, but she didn’t feel comfortable.

However, I believe it was just her subconscious, because her VERY wet and semi-orgasmic vagina told me her body was enjoying the attention.

Now, 26 yrs down the road, she still hadn’t lost the “baby fat” she gained from giving birth. She has always been a BBW. I ACCEPT her that way, but of course she doesn’t accept herself.

Lights always have to be OUT during sex.

We have basically ONE position to have sex in, that’s her on her back, legs up on my chest on the side of the bed. We used to avg intimacy 3x’s a week, BUT NOW, we only got together physically 2x’s last month.

Any recommendations that will revive her sexual interest?

Am I headed towards a sexless future?”

James (not his real name)


Hi James,

Your story is incredibly common. And you’re headed straight for a sexless marriage… your worst nightmare is well under way. So I am glad you found me.

What you have to do is learn how to lead her sexually by establishing the trust she needs to open up without even thinking about it.

And with women, it actually takes a few things happening at the same time:

  1. You have to romance her. She needs to feel romanced to feel sexual for you or NONE of the next three steps will work.
  2. You have to subtly remind her body it likes sex so she gets aroused without even thinking about it rationally —essentially you bypass her rational mind with subtle touch techniques.
  3. You have to take the upper hand in a way that turns her on, not pisses her off or causes her to push you away.
  4. You have to learn how to orgasmically cross train her so she starts coming more than just that one way with her legs wedged between you two.

These are: Romance/Sensual Awakening/Polarity/Advanced Orgasm Skills

Which are what I call, The Four Elements of Revival.

I teach you all the nuances of exactly how to work these four elements inside my online program called, Revive Her Drive.

I’ve helped THOUSANDS of men who’ve followed this program have more and better sex than they’ve had since their honeymoon. Even men whose wives have been abused… because face it, most women have experienced some sort of trauma from childbirth or abuse or shame.

Part of what you’ll be doing is healing her traumas by learning what I teach in this program.

The program is a series of audios and some simple pamphlets. You mostly listen to get the big picture about what has happened, how you turn it around and a lot of ideas you pick and choose from that you think will be most effective on your wife. Because you know her best and all women are different.

You can start listening right away and trying some of the first steps. As you listen to the audios you’ll be piecing together your plan.

You’ll see her respond immediately, but I have to caution you. There will be steps backward sometimes. And though you are probably a little pissed as well as stymied, listening will actually make you feel less frustrated.

If it doesn’t work, you can get your money back. It won’t work for everyone… there are some women who are so far gone I can’t save the sex life.

But if your wife is even having sex with you twice a month you are going to be just fine. Just work the program steps slowly and pretty soon she’ll be coming harder and better, suggesting sex and trying new positions.

Here is a link to my discount page to purchase.

Definitely take the Mastery Coaching option if you can afford $17 a month. This additional audio each month supports you as you take her from where she is to where you want her to be sexually.

Revive Her Drive With This ⇐ Simple 4-Step System To Rouse Your Lover’s Libido Like Never Before

If you run into roadblocks, you can email me. Lots of guys do.

Please keep me updated on your progress if you are willing. All the feedback from men over the years is how come I’m so damn good at helping guys revive their wives sex drive.

Revive Her Drive With This ⇐ Simple 4-Step System To Rouse Your Lover’s Libido Like Never Before

One Comment

  1. How about how to revive his passion and sex drive. I’m lost as to how to turn him on. He says he’s been dead for six years. I’m not and would love to try to awaken him but he says it’s a limp thing. I’m ready to try anything but he seems to be like a cold fish. Is it time for me to walk away and find someone who likes sex. He swears he’s not gay just doesn’t have any desire. Says he loves me but I want some intimacy. He’s almost 60 and I’m a few years older. I want to try new things and feel the closeness sex can bring. I love him but don’t think I could endure another sexless marriage. My deceased spouse had numerous medical problems so I was understanding for 20 years. Now I’m ready to enjoy a bonding. What do I do, please help me before it’s too late for me and I’m in a coffin. I’ve been reading everything I can to learn more. I want to touch feel and be felt. Am I wrong? I’m pleading for guidance.

    Thank you

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