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10 Ways To Get Him FIRED UP Again For You

10 Ways To Get Him FIRED UP Again For You

“Dear Susan,

My husband has been on a low emotional tone lately.  He doesn’t seem to respond to me as much, no longer shows affection, and seems silent a lot of the time. He doesn’t even want to have sex as often. And when we do have sex, it only lasts a few minutes. He gets tired even before he gets off. Is there something I need to look into? Thanks.”

And when he doesn’t seem to be the “man” he usually is around you, ladies shouldn’t automatically think there’s something wrong in the relationship.

Read the ten ways you can get your man re-engaged in his love, affection and attention for you. (scroll down)


His testosterone could just be low. And with the kind of Western diet we’re so used to, with all the chemicals and additives, it’s no mystery why our hormones are getting screwed up.

When a man’s testosterone is low, he has less drive, less vitality, and may withdraw into himself.

As wives, it’s our job to do what we can to keep our man in good health. Guys are just not as oriented toward taking care of themselves. They are often in denial about how much their energy and vitality have degraded, how fat they’ve gotten, how bald they’re getting, even how unhappy you are. By being proactive regarding our men’s health, women can ensure the success of our marriage and family.

If you’re reading this and can relate to the situation Mary is in, here’s what you should do:

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This may seems like a lot to do, but it’s not. Imagine if you got sick. Your husband would be feeding you and taking you to the doctor, right?

One more thing. This is super important.

Start giving your husband a penis massage at night or before you arise. It will calm him down and bring him closer to you. If you need help knowing how to give him a very good penile massage, my Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection has 40 lingam massage techniques you can follow along with.

If he’s able, have him ejaculate inside you. Here’s my video about the benefits of semen: Semen Stimulates Sex. It will bring you closer together, increase your mood, lower your anxiety and help stabilize his emotion and yours. His sperm is actually a wonderful chemical cocktail of beneficial ingredients for you!

Let me know how it goes. And thank you for loving your husband back to health and being a wife who is truly invested in the success and happiness of your husband.

You can do this together. You will see positive changes almost immediately. And he will begin reciprocating his love for you.

You just go first, darling. He will come around. And if he’s still low, try and get to the root of the emotional troubles he is feeling. But first start with the physical, because this will get him the resources he needs to have the strength to deal with anything emotional.

One step at a time.

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