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8 Mysteriously Sexy and Romantic Packages Are Here Waiting For You

8 Mysteriously Sexy and Romantic Packages Are Here Waiting For You

Good nude!

I mean news, hehe. I received an email from a fan who recently purchased the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection. Here’s what he had to say:

“I have  the Steamy Sex Ed® video series and my wife and I have watched the first DVD on oral sex. She got very turned on and we had a great weekend of sex! Thank you!” — Brian R.

I love that you and your wife love the videos, Brian.

Here at Personal Life Media, we always try our utmost best to accommodate everybody.

When a fan sends an email needing longer payment plans, or some more time to think about getting Steamy Sex Ed®, we’re always happy to oblige.

Every time we make Steamy Sex Ed® available to the public, we get a few people asking for reservations. To hold their copy for a few days until they’re ready to claim it.

This time, 8 of them  weren’t able to follow through and claim their copy in time.

That means we now have 8, NEW-in-box copies of the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection in our hands…

And YOU can claim yours now.

If you weren’t able to get your copy during our 60%-OFF SALE a few weeks ago…

Now’s your chance!

8 New-In-Box Reserved DVD Sets NOW AVAILABLE! ⇐ Snag One To Shag One

(And Yes, You’ll Still Get The 60% Discount From Our SALE)


If you’re getting this email, you’re on my special list of those who raised their hands to know more about Steamy Sex Ed®.

You want to be an incredible lover. And you want to experience the best sex possible.

And this happens to be the very best way we know to teach you how to co-create the steamy, hot lovemaking of your dreams.

It’s the season for steamy, hot sex between the most heart-connected lovers.

Do this for yourself. Do this for your lover.

Grab Your Copy Of The Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection (8 “New In Box” Copies Left!) ⇐ Get Yourself This Gift, Watch All Of It With Your Lover, Take Notes, “Play Along” With The Videos And Enjoy!


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