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Cure a UTI, Bladder Infection or Honeymoon Cystitis Yourself Without Antibiotics

Immediate At Home Natural Cure For Urinary Tract Infections

As soon as you feel any pain, see blood in your urine or can’t stop feeling like you must pee, try this:

1. Lie down and relax. Everything is going to be ok.

2. Put a heating pad on your genitals.

3. Drink one glass (8-10 oz or 236-295 ml) of water with one level teaspoon of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) every 20 minutes for three hours. No more, no less.

That is seven glasses of water and three cups of coffee over 3 hours to flush your bladder and urethra.

4. Drink one cup of strong black coffee each hour for the first three hours.

Within the first hour, you will start feeling relief.

Hour 1: Water + Baking Soda and Black Coffee, 20 minutes later another water and baking soda.

Hour 2: Water + Baking Soda and Black Coffee, 20 minutes later another water and baking soda.

Hour 3: Water + Baking Soda and Black Coffee, 20 minutes later another water and baking soda. Then 20 minutes later one last water and baking soda.

Try not to take any antibiotics and see if this flushes the bacteria out. Antibiotics kill not just the urinary tract bacteria, they detonate a bacterial killing bomb in your digestive tract. This kills good and bad gut flora, creating “dysbiosis.” When your intestinal tract gets disturbed by antibiotics, it can lead to other issues.

That is why this simple black coffee and baking soda protocol is superior for both short-term relief and long-term health.

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Ongoing At Home Natural Cure For Urinary Tract Infections

In the longer term, I recommend taking D Mannose. The above protocol is just for emergencies when you don’t have D Mannose in the house.  Today, get some D Mannose and 1/2 to 1 teaspoonful dissolved in water or juice every couple hours if you have an infection.

For preventing cystitis, take 1 teaspoonful an hour before lovemaking and 1 teaspoonful after intercourse. Drink lots of water to flush out the bacteria.

The D Mannose I recommend is in my Amazon store here, under Healthy Living.

Better Lover s Amazon Page

Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted, hot sex advisor and I’m here today to talk to you about a solution to urinary tract infections that do not require you to take antibiotics.

Urinary tract infections can be called honeymoon cystitis, interstitial cystitis, UTIs. They have a lot of different names but basically, it’s when you make love, sometimes bacteria can get up into the urethral canal. Your urethra is the little tube that runs from your bladder out of your body, where your pee comes out, and when you make love and you get the friction there, sometimes bacteria can get up in there and get established, and then you have a burning sensation, blood in your urine and significant amounts of pain and even fever.

The general protocol is to take antibiotics, but I don’t like that because when you take an antibiotic to kill a bacterial infection all the way down in your bladder, what you’re doing is, you’re ruining all of the different bacteria all the way through your gut and that means that the good bacteria get killed off from the antibiotics and the bad bacteria can overgrow into it and give you problems with digestion and all kinds of other downstream problems from there. I really try to avoid antibiotics at all costs.

This solution that I’m going to give you has worked for me for years. The combination of things that you do and by the way, I put the actual description of exactly how much of everything that you need and exactly when to do it and what to do on my website. It’s free. I’m giving it away to you but I wanted it to be on my website so that you could go grab it there because there are a lot of other resources there that might be of benefit to you as well. First of all, this solution includes a combination of things. You alternate drinking water, a glass of water with baking soda, or bicarbonate of soda. That creates an alkaline environment in your urethra that doesn’t allow the bacteria to get established and starts to move them out of there.

That’s the number one thing. You alternate that with a cup of hot, black coffee right when you feel the pain coming on. Again, I give you the description of exactly what to do, and in what order, on my website. The next thing is that you also use a heating pad. You sit on that for the pain. Yes, you can take a painkiller or aspirin or something like that if you want to, but that’s just introducing more drugs that your body doesn’t need into it. The heating pad should help and then immediately, the first time you notice that you’re getting a tingle, a little pain, or some blood in your urine, you just get on it right away and just start drinking the water with the bicarbonate of soda and the black coffee, alternating them in the very specific ways that I tell you on my website.

One of the things that I noticed when I used to get these, I used to get when I was first married. That’s one of the reasons why they call it honeymoon cystitis is that people get married, they make love and they have a whole bunch of sex and then they get a UTI, the woman gets a UTI. It’s very important for you to make sure that you have a clean vulva when you make love, if you’re susceptible to UTIs and that your partner’s penis is very clean and that their hands are very clean and that after making love, you get up and go to the bathroom and evacuate your bladder so that it washes out the bacteria.

I’ve also noticed that since I’ve become a person who can have ejaculatory orgasms, I can do female ejaculation, and I never get UTIs anymore from that. I’ve also noticed, over time, as I became more confident in the bedroom, more relaxed about having sex, more confident in my ability to orgasm and that I had an ability to orgasm during intercourse, which is a learned skill, you can learn how to do it if you haven’t done it, that’s what I did and that’s what I teach so you’ll find that on my website as well, that I never get UTIs anymore.

I got them when I was younger and less experienced and a little bit more nervous about having sex so right now, if you’re getting UTIs, know that they don’t have to last your whole life and, this little formula can fix you right up without having to take any antibiotics.

I’ve arranged for you to get a free copy of “The Truth and Myths About Female Ejaculation.

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  1. I am not married, neither I have a partner. But I liked learning about Bladder Infection . Very informative and useful . I take health classes.

  2. Dear Susan, this is very interesting and contrary to what I have learned, which is to create an acid environment by taking a lot of vitamin C and cranberry juice. Would be great if you can elaborate why creating an alkaline environment in the bladder is better than creating an acidic environment. Thanks.

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