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How To Bounce Back From Heartbreak

How To Bounce Back From Heartbreak

“My ex-boyfriend ripped out not only my heart, but also my soul, mind, and bank account to shreds.  The pain was so bad I had a stroke.”

Sometimes we already know what’s good for us.

We know what we should do and how we should feel.

Yet, it takes someone to actually SAY it to us for us to believe we were right all along.

Just like how one of my fans felt about her ex-boyfriend. (Story below.)

However, before we go into her email, I’d like to point out something important.

Most fights, breakups, heartaches and divorces are because lovers mistakenly follow the “Golden Rule” of relationships.

“Do unto others what you’d have others do unto you.”

But I believe that ideology is what causes rifts in relationships in the first place. I talk more about it on the Relationship Magic website.

Now, let’s go back to the email a reader sent over.

Relationship Magic ⇐ How The Golden Rule Has Been Ruining Relationships (And What To Do Instead)

Here’s what she wrote:


“THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU! You gorgeous wonderful gals!

How did you know those are just the words I needed to hear?

I haven’t been with a guy or even wanted to be with one since my ex-boyfriend ripped out not only my heart but also my soul, mind, and bank account to shreds about a year and a half ago.

And I feel so stupid because I’m still in love with the idiot.

I’ve tried everything to get over him. The pain and stress was so bad I had a stroke.

Thank god for toys right!!

But still, I really needed to hear your words of encouragement. I’m gonna go out on Friday and email you on Sunday (cause I might still be busy on Saturday, wink, wink) to let you know how my weekend went.

I save every one of your emails for when that right guy comes along and we can start using them. You chicks are my heroines!

Love Ya!!! Stay Cool!!! xoxo

Clarisse (not her real name)”


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Hi Clarisse!

It sounds like you had a nervous breakdown from the upset.

That is actually very common. I have had a few of these rough times in my life, as has everyone.

And you can bounce back better than ever having learned from your experience.

You must eat very well (lots of organic leafy greens) and eat a lot of quality fats such as avocado, nuts and seeds as well as Brain Octane Oil.

And of course, you should rest.

Lots of rest, meditation and yoga as well as walks in nature. You have to rejuvenate your nervous system.

All that disappointment dumps a bunch of cortisol and serotonin and your adrenal system needs time to heal and stabilize.

While you’re recovering, take time to figure out your relationship values.

Use my Relationship Magic workbook to do the exercise and determine the four things that are most important to you in your relationship.

Having come through a bad one where you loved someone who wasn’t good for you is the best time to think about what you loved and hated about the relationship and why.

This will help you determine your four “must haves” so that when you meet prospective partners you will be able to determine whether they are healthy for you.

Here’s a discount link as thanks for being a fan!

Relationship Magic ⇐ How The Golden Rule Has Been Ruining Relationships (And What To Do Instead)

And when you’ve done it, let me know your Top Four Relationship Values.


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