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Oral Sex Yeast Infection Issues

Oral Sex Yeast Infection Issues

Oral sex can disrupt the pH of the vagina causing a yeast infection. Here’s what to know.


Hello Susan,

I’ve been following you for a bit. I’m Ryan, 54 very healthy and fit, married to Nina, 31 years old.

Our sex life has been lacking for many years. I try to improve things but she has no interest.

She is settling way early for diminished energy and vitality, to say nothing about sex.

She has not let me do oral with her for a very long time. She has a hard time talking about sex or her body much.

I learned that she fears vaginal irritation and yeast infections.

She says that most times in years past that I have gone down on her, the next week she has irritation and sometimes infections. This is one piece of many where she has given up on herself and trying much of anything with me or our sexuality.

I think she has many misconceptions that she is using to avoid sex and intimacy.

I am very careful how to talk about things because she is hypersensitive to any perceived criticism or suggesting to improve things.

What is your advice?





First thing to do is test both your wife and yourself for a yeast infection. You might have it on your penis or in your mouth (thrush).

Your doctor can help you both eradicate the yeast and you can avoid future infections with dietary management.

Search online to discover a variety of experiences couples have dealt with regarding yeast infections.

It may not be yeast, it may also be a bacterial infection. So test for both.

If you’re both clean, it could be an allergy to your soap, aftershave or other reasons you’ll find as you surf the web and read other’s experiences.

Once you and she are both sure that you have the issue of infection from oral handled, you can re-approach her allowing you to pleasure her this way.

See if she’d consider using a dental dam or a female condom to let you lick her clit. That ways she can get clean stimulation and relax more.You can wear non-latex gloves and use, for even more delicious stimulation, a lube to finger her while you’re eating her out.

Lube is another potential irritant. I recommend Hobe Avocado Oil BUT some people are allergic to avocados, which means this would not be a good solution for you. For 95% of people, this clean, edible oil is da’ bomb.

As far as her energy mindset: “She is settling way early for diminished energy and vitality, to say nothing about sex.”

I’d first assess her nutrition. Is she eating too much sugar and not enough veggies? If she’s prone to yeast, sugar is what exacerbates Candidiasis (yeast) growth.

Take action on her behalf to get her eating more organic veggies and pasture-raised proteins as well as healthy fats like avocados and raw nuts and seeds.

Consider adding 

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to your diets. The increase in fats will improve your cognitive performance as well as lessening sugar cravings. Bulletproof SNACKS are also zero sugar and extremely satisfying alternatives to junk food.

I also like Drew Canole’s Green Drink as an easy way to alkalize her system to remove sugars and starve the yeast. Green Drink is a powder you mix in water. If she’s drinking sodas, DEFINITELY switch them out for Green Drink.

Here’s a free trial (you pay the shipping) >>> 

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Secondly, get Nina out on a daily WALK.

Schedule a time and just take her. Hold her hand. Go slowly. Walks in nature are romantic as well as healthy. Her energy will slowly improve and the sunshine will give her that essential Vitamin D hormone she needs to feel vital.

You are right when you say that her sexual energy is linked inextricably to her physical energy.  So start by getting her eating well and moving, as well as removing roadblocks to her oral fears.

As you are taking charge and fixing these issues with her, she will start to respond to you in a more feminine way because you are being more masculine.

Get into a pleasure mindset. Never stop giving her pleasure outside the bedroom and soon she will be open to more pleasure IN the bedroom. Your job as a masculine sexual leader is to expand her pleasure levels as much as you can.

And if she’s not yet ready to let you give her oral, make sure you STILL give her wild, screaming orgasms and breathtaking lovemaking sessions.

But before she can let go into her passion, you’ll want to make sure there are no other sneaky emotional roadblocks hindering your progress seducing your wife.

Sometimes if “other stuff” is not working for her in your marriage, it dampens her desire for any sex. So to find out if there are other issues, do this:

Start with my simple little workbook, Relationship Magic. This romantic couple’s exercise can be done over a romantic dinner. It is a great start so you both can synchronize your personal needs as well as your romantic and erotic cravings. This puts your hearts, minds and bodies on the same wavelength so she’ll know what you want, and you’ll know what she wants.

Next, start learning how to seduce your wife in the ways she needs to feel attracted to you with my amazing program called Revive Her Drive that has truly helped thousands of husbands already. Revive Her Drive gives you a blueprint you can use to spark her undying passion and desire for you once again.

And when you think she’s ready for heightened pleasure, check out Keep Her Coming.

This will help you negotiate the twists and turns of her sexual energy if it plummets.

From there you can “graduate” to  Expand Her Orgasm Tonight. This is a couple’s clitoral stroking practice that will increase her orgasmic pleasure tenfold or more. It’s manual stimulation, so it works great with gloves if she’s still sensitive to oral.

You can train her clit to feel more pleasure with the    Expanded Orgasm strokes. It will also make her desire more intercourse with you because it will engorge her clitoris and vulva and make her horny.

The next step from there is Female Liquid Orgasm. By this time, she may be ready to experience female ejaculation (squirting).

There is so much pleasure awaiting the two of you… if you take the steps as I’ve outlined them. Because skipping steps makes it take longer!

These programs show you how you can build her pleasure scale higher and higher until she’s blasted through her orgasmic ceiling several times over.

Now, this isn’t simply just about having other kinds of sex and forgetting about oral.

You’re doing this so you can show her that even if she’s saying “NO” to oral, you’re still man enough to keep loving and pleasuring her in other ways.

This builds her trust in you. That you genuinely DO want to give her pleasure. And it’s not just ALL ABOUT YOU and your oral cravings.

Once a woman is sexually satisfied and feels safe and encouraged by her lover…

She will abandon herself to her body’s natural desires.

Now, it also goes without saying you have to show her that you’re sensitive to her needs.

Since her fears are aligned with acquiring infections, just showing her that you give a damn about her worries will begin endearing her to you again.


Another way to ease her into oral is to make her crave the pleasure from your mouth.

This means you make your mouth more appealing, more “attractive,” and more desired.

First, make sure she likes the smell and taste of your toothpaste and mouthwash. If it stinks to her, she’s going to avoid kissing you.

Secondly, are you going to the dental hygienist every six months for a cleaning? If not, schedule one immediately! And keep it up because as you age your mouth is home to more decay. And women’s #1 turn-on is cleanliness!

Ask her about your beard. Does it scratch her? When was the last time you invested in a very close shaving razor? You can also rub a little of the Hobe Avocado Oil I recommend for lube right on your face after you shave to tame your beard if she’s ok with it.

To make your mouth more appealing, more “attractive,” and more desired try this:

Pecking on her neck and nibbling on her ears when you’re hugging her outside the bedroom without it needing to lead to sex will have her move toward you instead of away from you . Kiss her forehead. Kiss her before going to sleep at night. Kiss her when you wake up. Kiss her eyelids. Kiss her hands and fingers. Kiss along her arm.

Make your mouth seem like a “pleasure maestro” so she’ll actually start begging you to orally pleasure her…

“Can you kiss me right here, baby? Just for a sec?”

The tools and systems are all here for you. It’s up to you to use them.

Step-by-step. Don’t rush. You’re actually TRAINING her like a puppy with these techniques.

Here’s are recap of what I mentioned to get you started:

Relationship Magic ⇐ Synchronize your romantic and erotic needs and desires

Revive Her Drive ⇐ Bring Back The Fiery, Hot Lovemaking You Both Deserve

Keep Her Coming ⇐ Ride Her Sensual Wave Of Pleasure And Give Her Multiple Orgasms

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight ⇐ Give Your Woman The Heightened, Expanded Orgasmic Experience That Stops Time And Keeps Her Saddled On A Never-Ending Climax

Female Liquid Orgasm ⇐ Give Her The Experience Of Wild, Explosive, Gushing Climaxes She’s Never Had Before

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