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Sensual Healing Massage Techniques

Sensual Healing Massage Techniques

When a person receives well-done, heart-connected sensual genital massages, they can overcome past traumas and release pent up emotions. This technique also helps with women with birthing scars and men with penile shame and broken shafts.

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Though we’ve just met through my Sexual Soulmate Pact free download, I wanted to give you another god and goddess lover’s technique.

Because more people than you realize have suffered some kind of sexual shame or abuse, a great way to cleanse negative emotional energy from your womb or penis is through genital massage.

Sensual healing opens you up to become vulnerable to your lover during lovemaking.

Shame and hurt, trauma and repression block our neural and emotional pathways to peak passion and pleasure.


Watch my Steamy videos to overcome or help your partner overcome past trauma… things like being shamed about your sensuality, growing up in a repressed environment, being made to feel bad about your body, being abused… really anything that has shut you or your partner down can be healed.

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You two can open each other to more healing and pleasure.

We humans hold all of our past emotions in our body…

Any negative emotion can get stored in your pelvis… as well as in other places such as your sternum, your lower back, your jaw…

And what’s great is that you can put the past behind you and heal yourself or your lover with this kind of massage.

Sensual healing and heart-opening through sacred spot massage is one of the most beautiful experiences a couple can share.

But it’s best to follow along with my videos before trying this on our own. Getting a lesson or two first will make a huge difference in the effect you have. There is an art to sexual healing massage.

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