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Watch! How To Touch A Woman (33 Videos)

Watch! How To Touch A Woman (33 Videos)

2 minute video tips on dominating her and more.

Jim Benson and I just made you 33 super short videos about what women really want in bed:

33 Ways To Touch Her <== Ladies, Tell Your Man What You’d Like!

Each of these are just 2 minutes long. Watch for the links at the end of the video for additional material about each subject area.


Here are all the videos. You can just watch the ones you’d like:

  1. What Women Really Want In BED
  2. How To Rub Her Pussy
  3. How To Bite Your Woman Right
  4. How To Turn Her On With Your Touch
  5. How To Touch Her Face
  6. How To Hug Your Girl From Behind
  7. How To Excite Her With Your Breath
  8. How To Cuddle In Bed
  9. How To Touch Her Pussy From Behind
  10. How To Arouse Her Using Household Objects
  11. Two-Handed Hair Pull
  12. Kissing And Nibbling
  13. Full Body Contact
  14. The Grounding Touch
  15. How To Gently Stroke Her Body
  16. Pinning Her Down
  17. Face Massage
  18. Pulling Her In
  19. How To Increase Connection With Your Partner
  20. Create Your Own Erotic Touch Device
  21. Erotic Belly Rub
  22. Sensual Thigh Caress
  23. How To Touch Her Boobs
  24. How To Pull Her Hair
  25. How To Control Her In Bed
  26. Blindfold Her
  27. How To Wrestle With Your Girl In Bed
  28. Lift Her UP
  29. How To Spank Her
  30. Scratching Her
  31. Touch Her Clothes Suggestively
  32. How To Arouse Her By Touching Her Ears
  33. How To Grab Her Ass

Women want to be handled, moved around, dominated, coaxed, teased and some even like to be tickled.

Don’t just blindly go for her clitoris.  Learn more moves that make her feel feminine

Susan S. Bratton
CEO, Personal Life Media
“Trusted Hot Sex Advisor To Millions”












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  1. It says I can watch any off the 33 that I choose but it will not let me click on any of the links. The only one I can click on is the top one that is supposed to be a link to 33 ways to touch her, but it goes to a short video about what women really want, then that is it. I can’t watch any of the other 33. I’m rather disappointed as there were a few I was really interested in watching.

  2. I want the full version, how do I get it?

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