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Orgasmic Cross-Training Video (Engorgement 2 of 4)

Orgasmic Cross-Training Video (Engorgement 2 of 4)

A previous article was about what engorgement is (filling the erectile tissue in a woman’s vulva so she feels more pleasure).

If a woman is only able to come from her vibrator, or struggles to climax in any way, do not miss this video of Susan Bratton our trusted hot sex advisor and Sheri Winston, sexuality teacher and award-winning author as they describe how a woman can do Orgasmic Cross Training.

Orgasmic Cross-Training Watch Here


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Engorgement is the foundation to feeling incredible pleasure and becoming multi-orgasmic.

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If you want to discover more powerful techniques to bring a woman to orgasm (or if you’re a woman, have your lover bring YOU to intense orgasms, check out Expand Her Orgasm Tonight . This is a simple stroking technique that allows women to be in an orgasmic pleasure state for 30 minutes or more.


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