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Clitoral Fatigue and Sensitivity Solution (Engorgement 3 of 4)

Clitoral Fatigue and Sensitivity Solution (Engorgement 3 of 4)

I’ve been pointing you to a wealth of details about how women get more pleasure when their genitals are fully engorged… which means filled with blood… like a “hard on” for her.

Sometimes women feel like their clitorises get overly sensitive or fatigued and this holds her back from having more orgasms.

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Some women also think one orgasm is enough… but they just haven’t learned the joys of being multi-orgasmic. And the key is in her being properly engorged.

Here are two articles on this issue of clitoral sensitivity:

(Don’t miss the video of the 3D Clitoris!)

♥ Clitoral Fatigue And The Case For A DO Date ⇐ Click Here
♥ Clitoral Sensitivity Preventing Multiple Orgasms ⇐ Click Here

A woman’s body needs a 20-30 minute warm-up before intercourse.

Learning how to engorge her genitals means she’ll have a more pleasurable experience and want to have more sex more often.

Engorgement is the key to the most pleasure for the woman.

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If you want to discover more powerful techniques to bring a woman to orgasm (or if you’re a woman, have your lover bring YOU to intense orgasms, check out Expand Her Orgasm Tonight. This is a simple stroking technique that allows women to be in an orgasmic pleasure state for 30 minutes or more.



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  1. This really works. She will climb the walls and devour you.

  2. When to start stroking the cit and outer lips of the vagina. How soon after beginning foreplay is it the right time to begin. Should I use lube or any kind to stroke the labia and outer lips? Nobody ever told me about this.

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