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♂♀ Easy Libido Boosters

You are lucky you have multiple options for making your manhood hard enough for penetration.

In his book, Why Men Fake It, Dr. Abraham Morgentaler says that if a man comes to see him with difficulty regarding hardness and Low T, he tries the T therapy first, rather than the little blue pill option.

Abe says, when it works, the man feels whole. His stiffness is better, and he often feels more alive generally.

Most importantly, it helps if a man doesn’t have to take a pill every time he wants to make love to his woman.

Where men’s boosters work on the blood flow to his manhood, women’s drive begins in her mind and requires a more natural method.

Watch the video to find out how you can increase your woman’s desire for physical intimacy in a way that is both natural and in your control:


What I found most interesting about the men’s issue was a research study from Taiwan where the effect of T supplementation was studied in 32 men who couldn’t achieve hardness strong enough to go inside their partner, despite a full dose of the blue pill.

These men were given T for two months and asked to try to penetrate without the pill.

If they were still not able to at the end of two months, then they were instructed to take the blue pill in addition to their T.

At the end of the study, one third of the men were able to penetrate just with T supplementation.

Another third were able to penetrate with a combination of T and the blue option.

The remaining one third were still not able to have typical coitus.

As Dr. Abe says, T can be a treatment if levels are low, and it can also improve how well the little blue pill works in many men.

So instead of trying prescriptions first, consider a three month T treatment.

Let me know if you try it and how it works for you. When you and your partner find ways to keep your physical intimacy thriving, you’ll stave off death and be healthier and happier throughout your life.

Make sure you watch this video about how to increase your lady’s interest in having physical love naturally too.

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