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How To Kiss Passionately + Kissing Tips

How To Kiss Passionately + Kissing Tips

When you and your lover dissolve into one being, lips locked, tongues entwined, bodies wrapped in rapture. . .

Time melts.

Passion flares.

And the more you kiss, the more turned on you both get. . .

This is some mighty fine kissing!

Are you having hot, passionate make out with your woman?

Is she melting in your arms?

Is the way you kiss her turning her on to the point where she wants you with a hunger, an urgency that makes your lovemaking even more sublime?

Are you inside her with your manhood and your tongue, creating that circuit of electricity from genitals to mouth and back around again in one rapturous road trip?

It turns out that women and men kiss for different reasons, according To Dr. Helen Fisher, leading authority on love and attraction. See more specifics below in the excerpt from her book.

She kisses you to “collect information.” He kisses you to woo you into bed.

Both sexes kiss to become emotionally closer.

If you are not currently having erotic kissing sessions here are my

Passionate Kissing Tips

- Brush your teeth. (If it’s been longer than 6 months, schedule your dental hygienist appointment today.)

- Limit eating onions and garlic.

- Shave your face very close and smooth. (change your blade!)

- Rub organic olive oil onto your face after shaving to soften your skin and stubble then wipe it off with a dry towel)

- Approach her slowly for a kiss. Hold her in your arms first and let your heartbeats synchronize.

- Find a comfortable spot to make out. Check the temperature, lighting and music.

- Start on the “outside” periphery of her body, instead of zeroing in on her mouth first.

- Kiss her forehead, eyelids, neck, cheeks, décolletage before kissing her lips.

- When you kiss her lips, first start with a sweet series of small dry pecks. Make her want more before you give her more.

- Move from her lips back to her neck, cheeks, forehead, then back to her lips.

- Take it slowly and softly. Make your lips soft, full and lush so they feel sensual. Slide your lips across hers.

- Do not hurry. Be in the moment and feel every sensation.

- Take breaks. Breathe each other in deeply. Look into her eyes and connect with her.

- Tell her how sexy and beautiful she is. Let her talk. Let her get anything out she needs to say so that she can surrender to the hot make out with you.

- Be very expansive and joyful. Don’t have any agenda for getting more than kisses. Don’t kiss her to get sex. Kiss her for the sheer joy of all that sensation on your lips, tongue, mouth, face, hands, body. . .

- Warm her up slowly and luxuriously. If you need to set a timer if you have a hard stop, set it and forget it. Go under into unbounded pleasure until the dinger dings.

- Show her your desire for her. Growl, go, “Mmmmmmm…,” make pleasure sounds.

- Reward her efforts with verbal appreciation. Women need to HEAR your approval. This will allow her to relax and get even more turned on.

- Lay her down and get above her. Hold her down lightly as you kiss. Hold her chin in your hands. Hold her hands against the mattress. Give her the feeling that you are dominating her while making it implicit that she is always in control and you will never hurt her.

(Notice how the man in this picture above is holding her very securely? Women LIKED to be secured while being kissed.)

- Move her body for her. Take control of everything and just reward her for letting go into rapture.

- Use a wide variety of kisses. Pecks, smooches.. Lick her. Suckle her. Probe her. Lap her. Delight in her.

- Mirror her actions too. Notice how she kisses you and kiss her back in the same ways and see if she responds.

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Let me know if this checklist was helpful and if there’s anything you could add to improve it by commenting below.

Kissing has a special effects on the brain, as you undoubtedly know.

Kissing stimulates all the senses. When you kiss, you see your partner, as well as smell, taste, hear and feel him or her. The lips have a huge number of neurons that pick up the slightest messages. Then five of the twelve cranial nerves escort these intense sensations to the brain, where they are processed in an impressive factory, the somatosensory cortex. The vast majority of this brain region is devoted to processing sensations from around the nose and mouth– giving your lips and tongue their exquisite sensitivity.

Kissing affects more than just your senses, too. It boosts your pulse and blood pressure, dilates your pupils and deepens breathing. Kissing raises levels of oxytocin, the chemical associated with trust and attachment. Kissing also reduces the stress hormone, cortisol. So kissing bombards the brain, bringing pleasure and relaxation.

It also give you vital information. With this odd habit, we pick up signals about what our partner has been eating, drinking, and smoking, as well as essential data about his or her genetic makeup. Moreover, saliva contains information about certain genes in the immune system. We are naturally drawn to those with a slightly different immune system– most likely to produce genetic variety in our young. And as you kiss your partner, you unconsciously pick up these crucial data. The smell of a woman’s breath and saliva changes across the menstrual cycle, too, broadcasting the extent of her fertility.

Women report that they kiss a new partner primarily to collect information. Men, however, use kissing differently. With their smooching, they hope to woo a woman into bed. Their hopes are founded in biology. A man’s saliva is loaded with testosterone, the hormone that triggers sexual craving. Perhaps this is why men like wetter kisses than women do. The sloppier the kiss, the more testosterone the man transmits.

Both men and women say that kissing brings them emotionally closer to their partner–at least a good kiss does. Tender; passionate; considerate: people tend to reason that a sensitive kisser will be a suitable partner, spouse and co-parent. However, an unpleasant first kiss can kill a budding relationship. In a recent study of 58 men and 122 women, 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women said they have ended romance after the first kiss. It was, for them, the kiss of death.

Over 90 percent of people around the world kiss. And in cultures where men and women find kissing disgusting, lovers lick, rub, suck, nip and blow on each other’s faces prior to copulation. All kinds of other creatures kiss also or caress around the mouth. Bonobos, our closest chimp relatives, kiss with a deep tongue kiss. Dogs lick. Moles rub noses. Elephants put trunks into one another’s mouths. Albatross tap their bills together. Kissing is natural.

But because a kiss can start (or end) a partnership, think before you kiss. — Dr. Helen Fisher, “Why Him? Why Her?”

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  1. That is great information. I got some good pointers to use.thanks.

  2. Not much to add. What and how it was stated was spot on. Learned this way as you explained many years ago. Not sure if I could add anything useful.

  3. Thanks for these great tips… you won’t mind if I pass a few of these along to the readers of my sex blog for men, will you?
    Women are not always the best at communicating what we need from men so it’s always good to give the guys a tip or two… ;)

  4. I have found that the key element is to NOT rush things. Take it very slowly guys. You have a lifetime, why spoil it?

  5. Great piece Dr, have nothing to add really. But will like to have the three ebooks written by Dr. Thank you.

  6. Love the article, but I have a question…when you say our heartbeats should “syncopate”, don’t you mean “synchronize”?

  7. very accurate! Eye contact is especially important. Only thing I would add is he should run his fingers through her hair. petting her face and brushing her hair from her face will make her feel precious and adored.

  8. These tips are quite rewarding and they make a totally different better world. Thanks, and and may I have the ebooks please.

    • Hi Daniel,

      Just click on the ‘DOWNLOAD NOW’ button to get your ebook.

  9. Really new to our society where kissing is not our culture.
    Send in those e-books. it would bring difference in our love making in our traditional lovemaking for 37 years! We may renew ourselves.

  10. I can’t add much, other than go slow and enjoy the moment

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